Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hopefully Just A Little Bump In The Road

Connie is a special person to me. I could not ask for a better mother in law. She made me feel welcome from the first day I was introduced to her. She has accepted my boys as one of her grandchildren. I love watching her interacting with my boys as well as Michelle my sister in law.
My older two boys enjoy talking to Connie, the younger two are usually off playing with Austin, Michelle's youngest son. Connie understood how lonely I was when I first moved to Iowa City she would call me weekly just to see how I was doing. She did not have to do this, I was just a girlfriend to her son at that time. She showed me that she truly cared about me.

Connie reminds me a lot of my own mother. She is very small and petite. They both are very independent women who have over come obstacles in life and have succeeded. Both women were for the most part a single parent and their children mean everything to them. There is only 3 years difference between them as well. Connie and my mother like one another as well. I can see why, they both are wonderful women. They both have a strong work ethic and strong morals.

It was just two weeks ago how Connie told me that she was truly worried for Todd and I because of our stress at home. She did not want it to affect our relationship, I guaranteed it was not. She still told me she worried for both of us. She told me how she never said this to a daughter or son in law before, but she does truly care about me. She thinks I am such a wonderful person, honest and the most genuine person she has ever met. She feels that I have the patience of a saint. She told me she truly loves me and she felt that I should know this. She thanked me for loving her son as much as I do and feels that we are perfect for one another we are good for one another. She promised me to always take care of him. I feel the same about her, I do truly love her as well.

Yesterday was Connie's Surgery...

**Flash Back To Previous Blog**
Todd's Mom (Connie) fell on the ice on Sunday while she was at work. She went to the ER because of the pain. She was told she had 1 broken rib. Monday comes and the pain increases so she goes to the doctor again. They told her 5 broken ribs and wanted to put her in the hospital. Worried about the cost, she refuses. Tuesday night near 11 pm she is struggling to breathe and goes to the ER again. This time at 2:30 am she is admitted in the ICU. She has 8 broken ribs and one lung is filled with fluid. Next day near the evening she is admitted to a room and told 2-3 days she will be discharged. Now we are up to Thursday this week, I call her to see how she is doing. She had a small tear in her lung but they thought that it was going to heal on it's own, instead it is tearing more so they told her they are going to have to put a tube in her lung and she will be home around Christmas. Today the doctors met with her and her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow to place the tube in the lung and they told her that she will most likely go home on the 23rd.

Todd, the boys, and I were at my mom's celebrating Christmas. My mom lives in Des Moines. I had asked Todd if he wanted to stay to be with his mom, but he and his mom thought that he should continue with the Christmas celebration with my family. We do not see my family as often. While we were on the way to Des Moines, I called Jim, her partner to see how the surgery went. He told me that they took a liter of fluid out of her lungs and she has been in the recovery room longer then she should have he was going to go down and check on her. He had left the recovery room when she woke up and headed back to her room.

Three hours later Todd was called by his sister, there were breathing complications. She is unable to breathe on her own, so they were putting her back into the ICU. They also detected a lung disorder while they were doing the surgery. We have no idea what exact disorder or the degree it is. We do know it was caused from her smoking. Todd and I quickly left my mom's house (leaving Matthew, Joshua, Ethan, and Noah to spend more time with my family. Matthew drove as well.) and drove from Des Moines to Davenport. While we were there her blood pressure dropped, at one point it was 70/38. The lung specialist came in and checked her, they did x-rays of the lung as well as an EKG. X-ray and EKG came back good, they increased the fluids and her blood pressure went back up. She will not be leaving on the 23rd now. The nurse told my sister in law that she will be in the hospital for at least 2 weeks now.

I wish no one had to go through this, it is so hard watching Todd and Michelle go through this, watching their mom lay in the bed in the hospital worrying what next? I wish Connie did not have to go through this much pain she looked so frightened. I wish Jim, her life partner, did not have to go through this as well. It was so touching to see his love for her and how she did not want to let go of his hand when he was leaving. He was so good to her, leaning over the bed and reminding her gently to breath deeply to get her lungs to actually work once in awhile, instead of the machine doing it all for her. He would praise her when she did it to, just like a mother does to her child encouraging her child when he/she takes his/her first step. Typically the two bicker at one another making me snicker at times. I knew all the emotions Todd, Michele, and Jim were feeling because I felt them as well when my mom had her accident in 2009.

We spoke to Jim today, Connie is doing better then Saturday. She has more color and is responding more. He said it will take time but she is on the road to recovery. I do hope he is right. I enjoy Connie, she has touched my heart. I hope that any lung disorder she has will not effect her life permanently. I do know she was concerned and she told me she is not going to smoke again. I do believe her, she was so scared when she told me this.

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