Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Moans

MOOOAAANN for having to go back to work after the holidays, especially when it is your birthday.

This MOOOAAANN is for having to bring in food on your birthday to work. Seriously? The birthday person should not have to bring the food in to share. That is a little backwards. I like how they did it when I worked at Welmark. You have a list of all those who want to participate (we do that now where I work, so that part is not any different.) only those who sign up get their desk decorated (again we do this now.) and the person who has a birthday next brings in the food for the birthday person. Seems fair to me. Oh well. MOOOAAANN for having to get up early on top of the fact it is a Monday after having 3 1/2 days off for the holidays. (BRIGHT SIDE, it's another short week 3 1/2 days.)

This MOOOAAANN is for my ex and his wife. They are being evicted and I have 3 of my boys there now. Instead of moving as they should they are sticking it out until they are thrown out. Now this would not concern me IF MY CHILDREN WERE NOT THERE. I do not want my boys to be in any fear while they are there.

That's all folks. That's all I have to put down anything else will be going over the line from a MOOOAAANN to a BBBBBtch.

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  1. Those are all incredibly valid moans. The work thing, while annoying, isn't as bad as the fear about your ex and his wife. I'm shaking my head just wondering, "What were they thinking?" about taking the boys when they knew, THEY KNEW... I'm not kind or considerate, though, so I worry about manipulation or preying on the boys' emotions. This bugs me because, as adults and parents, they should put the kids first. My opinion, not humble, should be kept to myself. I'm sorry. The worry must be making you feel a bit sick.

    As for your birthday -- these people don't buy you a cake, or lunch, or a doughnut, or SOMETHING?? Taking your own treats is so elementary school. Oh well. You just took Christmas goodie left-overs, right? No new baking? Right...

    Have a fabulous day no matter what. I think this age will be magical. I remember 33 being great so in my mind 44 must be too. Hopefully your hubby and the kids have something special planned for tonight.


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