Friday, December 17, 2010

My Heart Grew 3 Times Larger Today

Today the most incredible thing happened to me at work. I have shared with a couple of co-workers what has been going on in my life lately. I mean Christmas is upon us and I
was not in any type of spirit for it. Christmas just is not going to be the same this year at all. The boys (except for Joshua) will be with their Dad from the 22nd-29th. Christmas Eve with Todd's side of the family has been postponed.

**side talk**
Todd's Mom fell on the ice on Sunday while she was at work. She went to the ER because of the pain. She was told she had 1 broken rib. Monday comes and the pain increases so she goes to the doctor again. They told her 5 broken ribs and wanted to put her in the hospital. Worried about the cost, she refuses. Tuesday night near 11 pm she is struggling to breathe and goes to the ER again. This time at 2:30 am she is admitted in the ICU. She has 8 broken ribs and one lung is filled with fluid. Next day near the evening she is admitted to a room and told 2-3 days she will be discharged.

Now we are up to Thursday this week, I call her to see how she is doing. She had a small tear in her lung but they thought that it was going to heal on it's own, instead it is tearing more so they told her they are going to have to put a tube in her lung and she will be home around Christmas. Today the doctors met with her and her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow to place the tube in the lung and they told her that she will most likely go home on the 23rd.

**back to main blog topic now**
So with Todd's family Christmas Eve's celebration will be sometime when she is feeling well enough to walk up stairs and ride in a car. Christmas Eve will be my step daughters, when he gets off work, Todd and I...that is it. Christmas day will be Todd, Joshua, and I.

I walk into my department this morning. On my desk are 3 gifts and a card. The card has no one's writing on it at all. Everything has been printed. The card reads:

Dear Jolene,

Everyone here at the North Pole wants you to know we notice how great of a mother, a wife, a co-worker and a friend you are. You are a strong person who always gives so much of yourself to everyone around you. We want you to know that we are here and will always be here for you. With these gifts we hope they bring you as much joy as you bring us.

From Your Secret Elves

Alright, I am a wienie. I started to weep over the card. I then opened gift number one...beautiful earrings. Gift number 2 a pot and bulb for Amaryllis. Gift number 3 a beautiful shirt to match the earrings. I was so touched by my co-workers. I sent an email out to the team since I had no idea, well I did but they said they did not do it and I believed them.

I went to lunch and when I came back I found another present on my chair, this time from Santa. It was a cute snowmen decoration. Another email out to the team thanking whomever it was.

See I typically participate with our Secret Snowman (we can't do Secret Santa...geesh) I love to be creative but because of no overtime and the cost of senior invitations, cap and gown, pictures all being due now as well as 1/3 of the cost due for Spain trip is due January 10th for Joshua and the next month the cost for swing choir is due... I had no extra money to participate. I was able to still be creative though. One of my friends that sits next to me, I helped decorate bags for her to give. I loved watching every one's reactions to their gifts they were receiving.

This act of kindness from my co-workers made my heart fill with the Christmas spirit. They definitely made my Christmas. I feel very blessed.


  1. :) What a gorgeous and touching story. In my lesson in class today we compared three Christmas works -- none of them initially optimistic about Christmas. Yet as each story progresses, so do the protagonists. It is in seeing that Christmas is all about the people that makes the difference. People are precious, and you're right to say you're blessed. However, people return what they receive. Right?

  2. Jolene,
    That is soooo awesome! I am soo happy that your co-workers took the time to make your day/Christmas more special.
    God Bless You!

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