Monday, December 13, 2010

NO Monday Moans

I wish to skip Monday Moans again. Where I am right now it is not the time to post moans. I was home sick today, aching, fever...just plain sick. I have a wonderful husband who took care of me. He doted on me, he took care of the kids, made sure they had rides. He fixed dinner soup and sandwiches, something he thought that I could handle. He was so thoughtful that when he went to the store he even picked up chicken noodle soup that was lower in sodium, something that I have been ignoring this month. He even brought my dinner to me in bed, so I would not have to get up. What a husband.

As you could tell in the past blogs I have done a lot of baking. More cookies to be baked next weekend, so more recipes will be shared then. Only decorating that was done was our main tree. My living room is a mess right now because of all the boxes out. I still need to put up the Christmas Village and decorate the fire mantel. I plan to have a second tree up this year in the small living room upstairs, our main level. I started to have second thoughts about decorating as much as usual. I mean the boys will not be with me this year for Christmas, they will leave next Wednesday and be gone for an entire week. Joshua however will be left here and his Christmas plans are unknown at this time due to his new job. I thought and thought about this and then came to the conclusion, I have to keep the tradition for the boys even if they are not here on Christmas. They all love the feel of the house when it is decorated and the scent of the pine cones. At the time I made this decisions I thought well at least Todd's family will see it on Christmas Eve then a call came yesterday. Todd's mother fell and she broke her rib. Christmas plans are unsure at this time since she is unable to drive. Poor Connie! I can not even imagine the pain of an actual broken rib. I do know the pain of bruised ribs well to often back in the day.

Christmas Eve is the day my oldest step daughter plans to announce that she is going to have a baby. She came to me and said she has been thinking about a creative way to tell her grandma. She thought a shirt with something about a great grandma on it and asked me what I thought. I told her I thought it was a cute idea. A shirt I do not think Connie would wear, so I suggested an ornament and engrave "Great Grandma 2011" on it. She loved the idea. Sshhhhh if you are friends with me on FB I can not have this announced there yet because nieces and nephews are friends with me on there and I do not want to have it announced via Internet. HOWEVER HERE IT IS ON MY BLOG SITE...some have questioned and some have not about the baby blankets, yes I am going to be a grandma the first week in July.

By the end of this week Matthew will be back for a month for Christmas. It will be nice to see him. I just wish all the boys would get a long again. It is like over night that they actually do not care for one another as well as they did before. Too many hormones, too many hard headed children, too many little patience with one another. Remember boys all the love we had? All the fun you have with one another? These days together like this are growing shorter and shorter with Matthew being out of the house most of the time and Joshua soon to follow. Please do not let little tid bits ruin your strong relationship. I know you are one among 4 but you are the only 4 in my eyes.

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