Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paying It Forward

I was reading the blogs I follow, one of my friend's blog, my heart started to warm up inside. She and her friends get together and they purchased gifts for children in need. What a wonderful thing they were doing. Then on to the next blog. Another good friend of mine blogged about her husband what a kind heart he has. The two went out and after dinner they went out and purchased gifts for children in need as well. Now my heart was warm and I my eyes were tearing up. If they only knew how those in need feel when they receive the gifts.

The love what these two friends are doing it means so much to me. They have no idea how touched my heart is and how proud I am to be their friend. 2001 my ex husband lost his job in September. I was so distraught and scared. He was our bread winner of the family and with 4 children I had no idea what we were going to do. I only worked 24 hours a week. I went to the boys' elementary school and talked with the nurse to find out how we could get insurance for the boys. I told her what happened. She was great she pointed me in the right direction and she also gave me a list of other agencies that I can try to assist us with other things. I called our local church and they assisted us with our electric for a couple of months. My ex did not find a job until the end of November but we were drowning 3 months without any income other then his part time 20 hours a week job and my 24 hours a week job. We were behind on everything including our house. The holidays looked bleak for us.

The elementary school nurse called me she wanted to put our boys' name on the holiday trees that are at Wal-Mart. She also wanted to donate a Thanksgiving dinner to our family. I declined the dinner because I felt another family may need it more. We were having Thanksgiving with my Mother so we were not hurting there. The last day of school before Winter Recess I was called into the school's office. The staff at the school adopted my boys for Christmas. They all pitched in and purchased gifts for them. I can not tell you how my heart felt at that day.

I typically pick up a name or two off the tree at Wal-Mart to help out another family. I try to pay it forward every year. When I read about my two friends my heart just swelled up with pride. If they only knew the smiles on the children that they are helping. How thrilled they are! How mixed emotions the parents are.

Next year I plan for each of my children to pick up a name off the tree as well. I want them to purchase the gift, to know what they are doing and explain about what happened 9 years ago to us. I wanted to wait until Noah no longer believed in Santa. He learned just recently or he admitted just recently. I did not have enough time to do this but next year they too will participate and I will only hope they continue when they are on their own.

How about you? Will you pay it forward next year to help out a child in need?

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