Monday, December 20, 2010

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

This past weekend we had Christmas with my family.

Unfortunately it was cut short for Todd and I so I was unable to take as many pictures as I had wished for.

I am still learning with my new camera and silly me, I thought I was taking a picture of my adorable nieces and great niece when actually I was recording.

My only single shot of Kaylee, unfortunately I still do not have a still enough hand and it was a little blurry.

The girls love to have their picture taken and when they see a camera they cheese it up. Here is a picture of Kaylee's sister Lexi.

My great niece Caedence was with us as well.

I simply love her curls.

Seriously, I wish I lived closer to these girls.

I would have a weekend where we would bake.

Go to a ceramic shop and paint.

I would love to have tea parties with them where we would dress up and drink tea from fancy little teacups that we would paint from the ceramic shop.

It was my first Christmas with my father in years.

He is truly showing that he deserves a second chance the boys loved being around him.
He would tease them and make them laugh.

Here he is holding baby Miranda. She is the youngest sister of Kaylee and Lexi.

Sincerely, I think this is one of my favorite shots...Grandpa with his Great Granddaughter.

It was our first Christmas with my great nephew Ashton.
Here is a picture of my niece Julie and her son Ashton, who just happened to turn 7 months the same day we celebrated Christmas.

We had a simple lunch with one another.

Julie's husband is deployed in Iraq. Today was Ashton's first time eating peas.
I loved how she was recording his reactions to send to her husband.

I just had to get into the action and take some photos.

His verdict on peas was....

YUCK! Not a success at all.

...Then it was present time for my nieces and great nephews
The girls loved their Barbie dolls.
The girls love playing with their big cousin Ethan.
Ethan is so good with younger children and he loves to make them laugh.

He loves the fact that they adore him.
And adore him they do
Can you blame him, it is not every day a 14 year old boy will play Barbies
with 4 and 5 year old girls.

Of course big brothers have to tease him
He still does not stop playing with them.

The girls have told their mom's that they want
to move to Iowa City area so they can
be closer to their cousin Ethan...The Titler Boys as they call them.

The boys enjoyed their family in Des Moines for another 7 hours
After Todd and I had to leave.

Merry Christmas Mom, Dad, Amy, Carlos,
Katie, Rob, Kaylee, Lexi, Miranda,
Julie, Ashton, Hailey, and Caedence.
We Love You All!

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