Sunday, December 26, 2010

Smokin' Christmas

This year for Christmas I got Todd a smoker.

He is now a member of a forum about smoking meat.

I have to say, I am rather excited for warmer weather.

We had a quiet Christmas Day.

The morning started with the kids that were home opening present.
(still learning with this camera...the girls are a little blurry.)

I made a big breakfast for everyone

Then the girls left to spend Christmas with their mother.

Joshua spent time watching True Blood Season 1
It was a very laid back Christmas.

Dinner we had the BBQ Country Ribs, smashed potatoes,
green beans with garlic and Parmesan cheese.
For dessert brownies with peanut butter chips.
The house smelt wonderful the 4 hours everything was baking.
I spoke to my three that were not here this Christmas.
I loved hearing their voices.
I also found out they may be coming home tomorrow.

Tomorrow...repeat of opening presents that are still under the tree.

Merry Christmas All.

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