Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday

Tuesday Tips will wait for next week. I do have one with storing Christmas Decorations, however it is saved on my computer at work and I am home today recovering from the flu yesterday. I felt much better by evening time so I tackled the mess in the living room. Now this is no common mess, it was all made by the boys, Todd, and I getting the decorations out for Christmas. Plans were to decorate the house the Sunday past, however I had to bake as well, so the only decoration that was completed was the main tree. I then went upstairs to the kitchen and baked for 8 hours. My intentions were to finish what I started on Monday, however the flu thought differently. The thought of this mess just bugged me, so tonight it was tackled.

I belong to this blog site for moms, 5 Minutes for Moms. I do enjoy it and started to participate with the Wordless Wednesday. I think occasionally I will post the Tackle It Tuesday as well. Now I might not be able to tackle things every Tuesday since I do work outside the house, but I might tackle something on the weekend and just post it on Tuesday. I could not think of a more appropriate one to start with then this mess to tackle.

Before I tackling the mess we made.

After all the decorating was done. I did have help with the two boys on the couch, Joshua and Ethan. They have a short Mother and I can not reach the top of the entertainment center for the Christmas Village. Plus they also hauled the large totes back into the garage. Funny, I just noticed the pumpkin warmer on the corner of the entertainment center. This will go down tomorrow. I will also post pictures of the decorations tomorrow as well as tackle putting up the Christmas Tree in our small living room.

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