Monday, December 20, 2010

Tuesday Tip- Christmas Decorations.

Tips for storing your Christmas Decorations.

Boxes, boxes, boxes that is all I see when I open a closet or look in the garage. Some of the boxes are clearly labeled. Others are totes that can be distinguished quickly as to what is stored in them. I know we are in the middle of our holiday celebration but you know you are going to have to store all your decorations. Listed below are some ways that I store some of my decor and I have searched for other ideas as well. I’m continuously looking at organization methods, trying to make space for the growing items that we are storing.

Storing Christmas Wreaths:
Personally, I place the wreaths in a small garbage bag that has drawstrings. Tie the drawstring shut and use the drawstring to hang the wreath on a wall in the garage. Of course there are other ways to store your wreath. I have seen wreath containers (I think Rubbermaid) at the stores. I found in an old Good Housekeeping magazine a suggestion that you can store multiple wreaths in a box. They suggest that you wrap each wreath in acid free tissue and place them standing up, back to back, in the box.

Storing Christmas Lights:
Instead of just tossing the lights or winding them up and making a mess consider these ideas:
*Take an empty Cereal box and cut off the sides, using one of the larger pieces cut a slit on one side. Wrap your lights around the card, threading one end through the slit. (This is the method we use.)
The following methods I found from the same article from Good Housekeeping.
*Take an empty wrapping paper tube, cut a slit in each end of the wrapping tube. Wrap the strings around the tube, inserting the lights through the end of the tube keep wrapping and threading until there is no more strands of light.
* Wrap each set of lights and then place them in large storage bags individually.

Storing Christmas Trees:
I read in the same article from Good Housekeeping that you should not store your box in the manufacture’s box because over time is will break down. Well after our box broke, we just found another big box. They do have storage containers at the store that you can purchase as well as bags to store your Christmas tree.

Storing Christmas Linen:
I store mine in a small suitcase. That is what my mother did. She would place a dryer sheet between each linen. ***TIP*** In Cub Scouts I was taught that the lavender fragrant sheets keep away moths. (Dryer sheets of any fragrance also will keep away spiders, just tuck them in the corner of your tents while camping. This will work as well if you have a nasty little guy gnawing on you while you sleep. Tuck a dryer sheet at the corners of your mattress and the box spring. This seriously works. Tuck one in your belt or ball cap to keep mosquitoes away too.) You could also store your linen inside a storage container or an unused shelf in a pantry or closet.

Storing Christmas Candles:
Wrap your candles in old stockings that have runs in them or an old sock to help protect the wax. Place in a box with shredded newspaper around them or crumpled paper towels. You never want to store you candles in a place where it will have extreme heat.

Storing Ornaments:
You could always keep the packaging that the ornaments come in. There are storage containers that you can purchase at the store. During my days in Cub Scouts I came across an article where someone took plastic cups and placed them in a box and then stuff shredded newspaper in between each cup. They used this as a compartment to place the ornament. Very inventive I thought. I might just need to use this one some day. In a bind, you can store them in a box but you would want to either wrap each ornament or place shredded newspaper between and on top of the ornaments to protect them.

Labeling Your Christmas Storage Boxes/Containers:
It is always a great idea to label the storage box as to what is inside. I would go a step further and number them as well. If you have 5 boxes then label it 1 of 5, 2 of 5, and so on. It would be wise to label the first box to open when you are unpacking the next season as box number 1.

I hope you find these tips helpful. How do you store your Christmas decorations?

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