Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Woo Hoo

Yep, it's Wednesday, the date may post Tuesday but it is well after midnight and "officially" it is Woo Hoo.

Woo Hoo for a super de duper husband. I have been home sick the past two days and this man is so wonderful to me. He made dinner Monday for the family. He could have cooked anything he wanted but he thought chicken soup would be best for me. While he was picking up my son from school he stopped at the store to pick up soup and deli meat for sandwiches for those who wanted one. He came home heated up the soup and brought it to me while I was in bed. I was dotted on by this man. He was even considerate and bought chicken noodle soup with lower sodium. :) Woo Hoo for him caring so much about me.

Woo Hoo Joshua has not given me any problems this week. I think he is trying to make up, I will take it.

Woo Hoo for Joshua and Ethan helping me with the Christmas Village and taking the tubs into the garage. Now I can sleep with a little more ease tonight knowing my living room is not a disaster zone any longer.

Woo Hoo for Kera really reaching out to the family. She has her moments but this week she has been very interactive with the boys and I. I enjoyed her help with making almond bark and decorating some of the sugar cookies. I also enjoyed our talks lately. I love it when we have moments like this.

Woo Hoo by the end of the week Matthew will be back in our house for a month. Woo Hoo for Ethan helping me re-organize our main living room's closet for Matthew to have somewhere to put his stuff when he is here. He will also have somewhere to hang his clothing and the cats will not disturb it. This is the best place for his things since he will be sleeping in the living room.

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