Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday Woo Hoos

This week's Woo Hoos are very difficult for me to post. I do not feel like Woo Hooing right now. I completely forgot that this Friday was suppose to be Noah's make-up delayed birthday party because of everything going on at the home front, I forgot to send the invitations again. How horrible I feel.

Woo Hoo for Noah being understanding and is perfectly fine with having a friend spend the night on Friday and we delay his party one more time for a night in January.

Woo Hoo for Noah sincerely trying to improve his organizational skills for school. His fall conferences did make a strong impact on him. He is doing his homework now without me even asking. It is so nice to see this improvement.

Woo Ho for Ethan, he too seems to be improving as well on his homework. I have not received his final report card for the first trimester but he is making efforts to do better this trimester.

Woo Hoo for Joshua's performance on Saturday with his Swing Choir Show.

Woo Hoo for Ethan feeling comfortable to tell me how he actually feels about his brothers. This is a big thing for him. Since his 13th birthday he has reverted and does not share often.

Woo Hoo for once again for Todd standing up to were needed. I know this is not always easy. The easy way would be to ignore it. Sometimes you just can not ignore things any longer. Unfortunately we are there with more then one child.

Well that is all I can mustard right now.

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