Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter's Beauty

As I was driving to work today I felt guilty moaning that I had to go to work. If I had stayed home as I had wished I would not have seen the beauty of this Winter Morning provided. Last night while Todd was going to work he had to drive in thick fog. The moisture from the fog created a breath taking view this morning. I thought to myself as I was driving, oh how I wish I was like my friend Jenny and had my camera with me. I think I take Winter for granted. I hate Winter, it usually means very cold weather, horrible drivers on the road, not the best road conditions to drive on, pot holes that do damage to your car, snow, snow, and more snow for few months, some times freezing rain, and sand and salt built up on the car, inside the car, and in the entry way of the house. Winter is my least favorite season. Yes, I loved the beautiful snow we had on Christmas Eve it was white and fluffy, somewhat magical, but shoveling and snow blowing it was horrible and due to my knee I can not even help out with this or I am laid up for a while or limping afterward for a couple of days. I used to love Winter time when I was younger playing out in the snow, sledding, snowball fights, forts, and snow angels. Heck I even attempted snow skiing, notice the word attempted. I feel on my way to the ski lessons and ended up on crutches that weekend. The older I get the more I dislike it because of the arthritis in my knee and feet. However driving to work reminded me of the beauty this season has to offer. It made me think on my friend Aimee's pictures she posted on the Internet yesterday. She seemed so excited to have snow. I think I could live in Alabama, where you can have the beauty once in a while and a short time frame where it melts quickly. That would be the best of both worlds.

At lunch the beauty was there still but not as breath taking, so I rushed home grabbed a bite to eat and I grabbed my camera. We have flurries at the moment, very light. With the way the sun is shinning on them it looks like someone is just lightly sprinkling white glitter over us. It is just simply beautiful.

My view at the end of my street.

Even the weeds had beauty.

A close up of the glittery snow.

(My photos were inspired by the beauty of this morning, Aimee's and Jenny's photos.)

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  1. Good job Jolene! I love the glittery snow one the best I think! :)

    And here in AL we get snow (a sprinkling) almost every year but never ever 5 years. Like no one can remember EVER getting that on Christmas here. We have lived here 12 years and have never seen anything like it. We still have snow on the ground here too which is sooo weird! It will be gone by the week end I am sure.


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