Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Moans

MOOOOAAAAANNN my body aches. MOOOOAAAAANNN the upper arms, the top part of my arms...MOOOOAAAAANNN my wrist, MOOOOAAAAANNN my upper back, MOOOOAAAAANNN my middle back, MOOOOAAAAANNN the back of my thighs all from stripping wallpaper. MOOOOAAAAANNN I think it was from leaning over the cupboards. MOOOOAAAAANNN and I am not done yet.

MOOOOAAAAANNN for Blizzard we are expecting. MOOOOAAAAANNN we are told it is suppose to be the worse in 15 years. 3 inches tonight for the first round, MOOOOAAAAANNN second round will begin while I am at work and end early Wednesday morning dumping another 14 inches. Now this is not anything like the East Coast has seen but my front tires are not the best. MOOOOAAAAANNN, I am SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO SLIDING AROUND.

MOOOOAAAAANNN for children thinking they are entitled. Enough said there. I could post an entire blog on this at times, it would just be a repeat. Do not get me wrong. I love our children but I do not know why this generation feels that the parents owe the child everything in their life. The child feels they do not have to be responsible to have nice things. I guess we parents work just to give to the children now a days, who cares that the parent has wants that is not important.

MOOOOAAAAANNN for my poor husband who is in this Fantasy Football League for years. They have a Super Bowl party every year. This was the first year that my sweetheart won and unfortunately, not enough turn out so they are canceling it.

MOOOOAAAAANNN missing my co-workers that were let go. We are super busy and their help would be so appreciated other then just plain missing them.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Day back in November 2007

I'm re-posting a blog from another site. This blog was posted on November 11, 2007. In the next few months you will see why I thought I should re-post it. Remember this was a little more then 3 years ago.

Wow!! What a Weekend! I am so tired, I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Actually last week was sooooo long. I ended up working 17 1/2 hours overtime. Friday came and I was too tired to do anything around the house where I needed to for the boys' birthday party the next day. Our toilet in the main bathroom has been out of service for close to two weeks now. Todd is not a handyman, as to what he says. However, I don't think he gives his self credit. He ended up having to take the floor out as well. It's not done yet, but he is working on it still....back to Friday (Flashback)...I get home and go upstairs...there at the top of the steps in the small living room is our toilet. At that moment, I chose to give up for the day...I wasn't going to get much done for the party except baking the cakes.

Saturday came and Todd and I went to Menards to get the sub flooring and the new vinyl for the bathroom...Mom and Carlos came up from Des Moines. With my Mom's help the cake was completed in time. The house ended up being good enough and the party started with no toilet in the small living room. Ethan had 3 of the 5 kids show up and poor little Noah had none show up. He was such a trooper and tried to carry on, but it was rough on him. At 3:00 when the party was over, all of a sudden we heard a knock on the door and behold...Doug, Noah's best friend. His Mother got the time mixed up and he ended up staying for an hour to play. Noah cheered up right away when Doug came over. Overall, I think the day went well. Todd ended up picking up some extra hours and worked...both days off and had to go in early tonight. I missed spending quality time with him this weekend. It was great to spend quality time with my Mom.

It was a good weekend overall. I wish my Mom lived closer. I do miss her. Here are some pictures from the party.

Fairytales Do Come True


Someone I work with has a little plaque on her desk…"Fairytales do come true!" When I asked her about it, she said they do because she married her Prince Charming. I thought to myself WOW…what a wonderful thing! Here she is young with a small child and happily married. At first I was a little envious…how come some people have it all? But that is just an appearance. No one has it all…after getting to know her more, I found out she is by far not happily married. Sadly I think she is trying to convince herself of this, thus for the plaque she views every hour she is at work.

Yesterday was Todd's and My Anniversary of our first date 3 years ago. The night before that we laid snuggling in bed, talking about how we felt about the next day…January 15th. When we awoke the next day, while he was getting out of bed, he leaned over gave me a small kiss and stated with a cute little smile…"Happy Kind-of-sort-of Anniversary." Later at dinner we talked…he asked me if I remembered what we ordered on our first date…Pfhhh…of course I did. He ordered the Prime Rib and I ordered the Seasoned Chicken. He had a huge smile and said that he wasn't surprised; he remembered his but couldn't remember mine. He kept looking at me and smiling like he did on our first date. Kera came over to talk to us. We then ordered. While we waited he leaned over and told me that 3 years ago this night was the beginning of the best part of the rest of his life. This coming from a man that tells me he is not romantic. WRONG!

Do I believe in Fairytales coming true? Yes, I do, but you have to remember at the beginning of the Fairytale one is going through hardship and is rescued and THEN lives happily ever after. I have often told Todd that he is my Prince Charming…my Knight in Shinning Armor. Todd saved me from my sad days. It wasn't until dinner when he told me what he thought about this day three years ago that it dawned on me…I was his Princess Charming and Knight in Shinning Armor as well. WE saved each other. I hope my friend at work doesn't give up on Fairytales…because they do come true. Oh by the way, Todd ordered Steak and I ordered Portabella Mushroom Chicken...I guess we did revert back to 3 years ago

The above was posted on a different blog site January 15, 2008. Looking back at this I still feel this way...Fairytales do come true. Yes, yes every day is not happily ever after. You have to have a few struggles to enjoy and appreciate the happy ones. We too have had obstacles, matter of a fact we had a huge fight just a couple of days ago. However we overcame it (without going into details...he was wrong and he ended up saying I'm sorry. Something very rare the actual words, typically it is actions he says sorry. It was a long over due conversation that turned into an argument, but he did listen. He did understand. He kept his promise when the situation came about only 3 days after the argument.) by communicating. Sometimes it is rough to communicate but you just need to stick with it and find what works for the two of you. Just remember sometimes in order to have a beautiful rainbow, we have to have a storm first. I still feel blessed to have my Prince Charming.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Woo Hoo for dance lessons last night! Oh I love dance class. I think 2 years ago when Todd signed us up for dance lessons as a birthday gift for me was the best gift I could have ever ever received. I think it was even better then my engagement ring. Not that I do not love being married to him, but this birthday gift the dancing provides us so many things in our life. It provides exercise to us, it provides quality time out for us, it provides an opportunity to meet other couples with similar interest, it provides a time for us to get away from our routine life, it provides time for us to get away from the kids from time to time, it provides entertainment to us (we laugh a lot at class and even at dances.), and it provides a positive thing to our children that their parent/step parent interact in a healthy way. Woo Hoo for Ballroom/Social Dancing. We are in the final class now, but I do see us retaking this class multiple times. Last night we heard one couple say it was their 4th time taking it because they felt that they did not get all the moves down. I stated in my previous blog yesterday incorrectly by the time we are done with this session we will have the knowledge of 12 different dances. To be honest, I am not looking forward to the ballroom polka. I am a little worried about the bouncing on my knee, but I will figure out a way to adapt that one.

Woo Hoo for the TANGO! I love this one. I can not say it is my favorite but it ranks up there. What I love the best is we stay tuned with one another right from the start. It seemed easy to pick up the basic where it seemed like we either struggled or had to work on the basic with the other dances. Oh I am sure there will be some difficult moves taught to us later but to understand and walk away the first night with a new dance and feel and know you mastered the new step is a first for us. Our instructors even watched our footwork and nodded to me with a smile, another first.

Woo Hoo for Matthew getting the money for his schooling. He received it one day before it was due to the financial department. Woo Hoo that he has someone motivating him to get to his 8 o'clock classes. Woo Hoo that he is in the orchestra with the University. It is not their main one for the music majors but one for those who want to play still. I can not wait to go to the concert. I miss hearing orchestra. One of my favorite memories with Matthew and a few years for Joshua and Ethan as well, they just did not stick with it like Matthew did.

Woo Hoo for Joshua's Larger Groups Speech getting a great rating at Districts, this advancing them to State in two weeks. He is super excited and feels that one of the two groups should even advance further then State. I hope so because this is his Senior year. Woo Hoo for his swing choir group getting 3rd at their last competition too. This is his first time with swing choir winning this high. He said they have a good chance at getting 1st or 2nd at the next competition in two weeks as well.

Woo Hoo for Ethan doing what he needs to for his school grades.

Woo Hoo Kera is looking for an apartment for her and David. More Woo Hoo that David is coming because I think Kera needs this for their relationship while she is pregnant. If they are going to make this happen being in the same state would be helpful. Woo Hoo it's here and not Florida, this way we can be around the baby more.

That's it for the Woo Hoos for this week. I hope you have a Woo Hoo Wednesday too!

Wordless Wednesday

My son Ethan drew this. I love his details.

This is posted on 5 Minutes for Moms.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad Start...Great Ending

Today just did not start well at all. I have been super tired lately. I mean butt dragging on the floor tired. I can not figure out why either. I think it is the menopause thing. I typically never over sleep because if my alarm did not go off, when the garage door opens it ALWAYS wakes me up. The garage is directly under the master bedroom.

Last night I could not find my cell phone. I typically use the alarm on my phone. I must have left in my car and by the time I went to bed, my knees were so achy that I did want to attempt to climb the stairs, so I set the alarm on our alarm clock, that we rarely use. Off to dreamland I went. I slept well. I slept hard. I awoke to Todd opening the bedroom door and turning on the light. I popped out of bed and screamed NO! OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! He asked me if I hit snooze too much (something I am good at) or what. Nope I never heard the alarm at all. It was 7:24 am. I typically leave between 7:15 and 7:30, if I ever left at 7:41 was pushing it to make it on time. I rushed to our bathroom to shower as Todd was telling me Emily was taking a shower. When both showers are in use at the same time, our shower does not get the hot water. I realized this but needed to shower. As I was finishing Todd asked me if he could help by taking the boys to school. This would be a tremendous help I told him. His phone then rang, it was Matthew he needed Todd to jump start his car. He had left the lights on and now his battery was dead. So my darling husband helped my boys. I was 3 minutes late to work. I arrived and logged into my phone by 8:03. My hair was very wet still, no time to dry it.

We had dance lessons tonight. We definitely did not plan this out. We had the kids fend for their selves. 5 o'clock came and I was headed out the work doors, calling Todd to make sure where we were meeting for lessons. He was just leaving work, a meeting he had to go to, with Matthew. His car had not started and he was having problems getting the battery out of his car. He was going to work on it some more using WD40 while we were at dance. Todd left his car with him just in case he did get his battery unconnected to take to have it charged for him.

DANCE...I was worried about what we may have forgotten. We were going to be taught 3 new dances, Tango, Polka Ballroom, and Viennese Waltz. By the time our class is over, we should know 15 different dances. I was worried about the Tango when we came to it. I worried how was my knee going to handle it. The first 30 minutes of our class was just a review of the slow dance...then something new, the TANGO. Oh my goodness! I love the Tango at least the beginning. I caught on right away. I felt actually graceful. I was doing everything right the first time. Todd and I had the rhythm down. I love the Tango! What a great night at dancing. I am so thankful all the slide quick ending step for the woman is dragging the right leg, if it were the left I do not think I could have done this dance.

After class we went to Matthew's dorm, no luck for Matthew. We used my car to jump him this time. It was nearly 7:30, dark and cold. I felt bad for him. He had been working on this all day just about. He missed work, and that is a lot for a college kid. He needs the money. Thankfully the jump worked this time. He was thrilled and had his happy huge smile. I gave him some money to help him since I knew he lost a day's worth of work. I did not have a lot to give him but enough to get him by.

We had a rough start to our day but it ended well. Except for my knight in shinning arm. He had very little sleep. He is everything I can ask for a man. He gives everything to his family. Tomorrow my husband will not have to go anywhere. No meetings, just sleep his day away. Love you sweetheart and Thank you!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Follow up ~ To Do List 2011

We are getting close to the end of the first month in 2011. Time for me to step back and look at my To Do List. I seriously need to look at this to stay on track and accomplish crossing off items on my list.

To Do List ~ 2011 Style

  1. To become healthier. Let's face it if I do not I know I am shortening my life. I have children who need me, I have soon to be grandchildren I want to see, I just want to enjoy life plain and simple. I know I am not invincible, we all will die some day, but I need to take care of myself. I plan to watch my sodium intake once again. Try to move more as long as the knee continues to let me. The weight I will lose will also help my knee, my high blood pressure, and possibly rid the borderline diabetes. I'm not going to say "I'm going to lose XX amount of weight by XX date. It does not work that way for me. Plain and simple, I need to become healthier.
  2. Organization. I am going to check this off once I have all of my closets organized, kitchen cupboards organized, and the shed. I see Craig List in my future for some things in the shed, if not then they will be donated. This house is packed to the gills now with so many boom-a-rangs flying back at us.
  3. To take my finances by the horn. I am going to get all the medical bills paid off and the one last credit card that haunts me previous to moving to Iowa City. I want this in the worse way. I want to join checking accounts with my husband.
  4. Joining Accounts leads me to the next thing on my list. Combine our car insurance. It's silly we both have our own coverage right now. I think it only makes sense to have one car insurance carrier.
  5. To actively find another job. I am praying the economy is good enough for me to cross this one of my list. I just want to have a "college level paying job". I have never had this strong of an urge until my 25th high school reunion. I feel as a career person I have failed. Do not take me wrong, I am a hard worker and succeed in that way, I just think I have failed with having a degree and working entry level positions. I want to have a savings. I want to be able to afford summer clothing or school clothes and not be paying for it 2 months later with my budget.
  6. Paint the inside of the house. Oh, this has been on my list for 2 years and the only thing I have not crossed off. This year will be my year.
  7. Continue with our dance lessons. What more can I say. I love it. I love spending the time with Todd. I love getting out and doing something enjoyable. I love working out and having fun as I am working out.

Let's see... time to break it down.

1. To become healthier. Yeah, I am behind in this now. I started out the first week well but then as usually I let life get in my way. Todd and I sat down and seriously are looking at menus for us to stay on task to become healthier. I finally found a great Taco Seasoning that I can make with only 2 mg of sodium and only 3.5 g of carbs. This will be great for both Todd and I. I need to keep researching and I guess back to making 2 healthier for us and one healthy but normal for the children.

2. Organized. Well I feel that I am on track with this so far. January's goal was to organize the Kitchen. I feel successful with that. Next will by my bedroom and the small living room in the month of February.

3. Finances, small steps here. I think if I did not have a Senior this year I would be in good shape. Senior year's expenses are putting a slow moving on some of the outstanding medical bills.

4. Joining Accounts...not even close until the medical bills are paid and one credit card. I have to be able to cross of #3 in order to begin #4.

5. Actively look for a job. Yeah, that did not happen in the month of January.

6. Paint the inside of the house. :) This has begun in the Kitchen. Woo Hoo

7. Continue dance classes. Completely crossed off for this session. Classes begin tomorrow night.

Alright re-cap, some are well yet others not too great. I have to get moving on #1 seriously!!!

Miscellany Monday


Joshua had a great weekend. He participates in the swing choir and also made 2 large group speech teams. Large group speech is sort of short plays or readings. He made Choral reading and they are doing an exert out of The Odyssey. He also made some random one as well. Friday will be their home performance and I plan to go see it. Saturday was Districts for them and both groups received a high enough rating that they will go on to State in two weeks. He had to rush from his performance (in Montezuma, IA) and not knowing the results yet to Muscatine, IA where his swing choir was going to compete. His group took 3rd place, they were just 3 points behind 2nd place. I have to say this year's performance is a great one. I love their dances and songs this year. Our relationship is not fixed yet and I am sure it will take time after the comments said.

Matthew received the money in time to pay for his classes. This is such a huge relief! He is also going to joint a small orchestra group at the University. I can not wait to go and listen to him play. I love listening to orchestra, I have missed it the past 3 years. He seems to be happy and on track. It makes me feel good.

Ethan~ I think my talk with him last weekend worked. He is not acting so much like Joshua anymore. I understand he looks up to him, but I told him he should have his own opinions and be his self not a mini Joshua among other things. I have enjoyed him tremendously this past week. He is making effort to get late work turned in and doing extra credit to bring his grades back up. Nothing new with Noah.


I'm thrilled with the progress we are starting. Matthew came to visit today and mentioned how the ceiling looks great. I showed him the colors we picked for the kitchen and explain what I wanted to do with a platter and 3 plates. He told me he loves my ideas. Matthew and Ethan has my artistic ability. Well Joshua does as well but he chooses not to use them. I guess all the boys have my ability because Noah loves to draw as well. I plan to paint some pictures for my bedroom. I am so excited!


The atmosphere is different. The supervisor is being very nice. We were busy at the beginning of the week, okay for two days but then dropped dead for the remainder of the week. I have been working on updating our department manual. I just wish we would keep busy on the phones. I see more cut backs for sure coming if it does not pick up soon.


It has been put on hold. I know I should not have done this but I am finding it hard to make time to exercise. I am just too worn out from trying to get everything else done. I really want my house organized and re-done before Joshua graduates and Kera's baby shower. I also am trying to get more sleep. I am lousy at getting enough sleep. My body is starting to scream at me. I am in hopes February will be better. I will have more activity moving with dancing beginning next week... DANCING Totally excited that Tuesday we will begin dancing again. I am terrified to learn the Tango. I am not sure how I will be able to do some of the moves in it, the sharp kicks (bending around Todd's leg), I do not think my knee will allow me to do that.


In 3 weeks David should be here. He is moving from Florida to Iowa to be with Kera. They will then find a place of their own. I think this will be good for them since they are making serious efforts of being together. I also think it will be great for him to be here while she is going through her stages in the pregnancy and here when she has the baby. I can not wait until her stomach gets big enough for me to take a picture of them. I want to take a picture of them together but focus on the torso. I want David to be shirtless and Kera in a tank top covering her breast but the belly to be uncovered. I want David to be behind her with his arms around her and both of them touching her belly. I wouldn't mind a shot where they are making a heart with their hands as well. All in black and white. His dark skin and her pale skin should make this a great shot.

Pre-Menopause or Menopause

I am not sure what stage I am in any more but it royally stinks! I have been in the pre part for a couple of years. October my monthly was very light. I have not had any since. It freaks me out! Seriously! I take pregnancy test every month and sometimes more then 1 test. I feel the lower back pain, cramping, ovaries aching, sometimes facial break out. I even can tell when I am ovulating still. Just no show. What the heck, I thought that I should not feel any of that crap if I do not have any showing. Even my breast are tender once in awhile, this is why it freaks me out. I know I need to make an appointment with the specialist. If you can not tell by now, I am bad at making appointments for me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well I am a month late to post this, I know I blogged I would post about Todd in December but December was busy! What was I thinking of? This will be added in "The Family" page at the top.

July 30, 1966

Todd and I met via dating website. Yes, folks the Internet. December 31, 2004 he placed an interest in me on my profile. The next day I logged in with every intentions to close my account. I had decided that I was done with the dating scene and made up my mind that I would be boy friendless until Noah graduates. I was fine with being alone mentally by then so much different then a couple of months after I left my ex April 23, 2003. I had a few bad boyfriends and this dating website, I found more men only wanting one thing not a relationship. I logged on to the site and read over the new fellows that peeked interest in me. When I came to Todd's there was something there. His profile was not the usual building a male ego, his was more down to earth. He claimed his love for his girls. There was not a picture of him but I thought, well I could at least have a strong possibility of a friend out of this. Someone that I would be able to converse with through the Internet that had the same principals as a parent that I do. I responded back. We soon started to communicate at first by email. I felt like a school girl giddy and anxious for my next message. It is so funny the day I mentioned this to one of my co-workers I came home to read an email from him stating he felt the same way, as if it is the modern version of passing notes in school. "Check yes or no if you like me." We definitely connected. We soon graduated from email to instant messaging. Our first date was January 15, 2005. I was so nervous. I knew I was falling for this guy but what if he did not like what he saw. We shared our feelings about meeting one another then inside my next email he stated this: "A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections. You are my diamond." Our first date was perfect. In April 2005, I relocated to Iowa City to be with him. I know, it was a major risk but I truly believe one knows when it is right. It was right in so many ways, including a job. I was working with a temporary service because I had lost my job in August 2004.

Our love for one another continued to grow even through challenges we met with our children. We did not blend as easy as the Brady Bunch did. For the most part we are past those issues with our children, occasionally a bump regarding it every now and then in the road. We married one another July 26, 2008.

Todd definitely completes me. I have never met a man that looks out for me as much as he does. He makes me laugh and he has told me way back in 2005 it is his goal to make me laugh every day, he has pretty much met that goal. He has a temper from time to time but no one is perfect. He is against physical violence and I admire him for that. I think he has the perfect facial profile. I find him amazingly attractive. He has a huge heart although he feels that he has become numb from his job. I am sure he does see a lot of the bad side in people with working 9-1-1 dispatch but he still has a huge heart.

Todd has amazing strength. I mean amazing, he will pick up heavy boxes and lug them on his shoulder as if they were pillows. When we moved my piano from Des Moines, he mainly lifted the piano his self into the truck. A friend was helping but he did have the strength in his wrist due to an accident he had a few years prior.

Todd adores his girls still. It is been rough for Todd not to help enable them but he is standing his grounds from time to time now, in order for them to move in the right direction. He is great with my boys as well. He is an excellent role model and will only step in when needed with my boys as I with his girls.

Family means everything to Todd. He is close to his mother and sister. His nephews and nieces as well. His relationship with his father is non existent but from what I hear, that is his father's doing. Todd just does not put effort any more. I have never met the guy but from what I heard I would recognize him if I ever saw him on the street. I guess Todd looks just like him.

Todd has great work ethics. He works hard to make sure we have what we do and extras. He is a very intelligent man. I have never met a man as smart and level headed as he is. He enjoys playing poker. He loves just about all sports. He is a huge Cubs fan and Hawkeye fanatic. He loves football but hates home games for the Hawkeyes due to the hardship it creates for him at work. One year for my birthday Todd signed us up for Ballroom/Social Dancing. He did this when he was not fond of dancing his self but wanted to do something special for my birthday, however he fell in love with dancing. It is our special time. Todd loves to garden as well. When he has an interest in something he does a lot of research because he wants to do it right.

Todd does everything in his power to make me happy. He makes me feel like a queen. I look forward to growing old with him. Oh, we do have our problems from time to time but we work through them. I think our previous marriages we learned what we did wrong and what we want. We do not take one another for granted or advantage.

I am so grateful he found my profile and peeked interest in me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

House Make Over Begins.

Exciting!!! The inside of my house is really beginning to be made over. Now I have paint for two rooms picked out and purchased. We have had the main living room paint for a year now. I am in hopes by the end of February to have that room painted. Both living rooms have flat white walls as our bedroom. The kitchen is a yellow with wallpaper and the main bathroom is entirely wall paper. Our tiny bathroom does have color and a wallpaper border. All rooms hopefully will be painted by April, well at least that is my goal before gardening outdoors begin and everything fresh for graduation and baby shower.

The main bathroom will have a different look. The wallpaper will come down, and we plan to paint a slate blue on the walls. The vanity and the medicine cabinet will be painted white. I have found a couple of prints I like that I will put up in the bathroom as well.

I am not sure what color to paint the small living room, the stairway will be the same color. I am still trying to figure out if I can cover the current love seat. I do know I want one of my prints that I inherited from my grandfather in there instead of both being in my bedroom.

My Kitchen is where we are now. Todd is hoping to have this done by February 9th the end of his vacation. I think we will be able to meet his goal. Only thing that will have to wait is the counter top. This we will have to save up for and watch for sales. We kind of found what we are looking for today when we went in to get the paint for the cupboards. We also found our new flooring that we will pick up sometime next week.

I love "Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM's kitchen. She inspired me for some new decor and finding some I had myself in the shed. I fell in love with her plate decor. I wanted to do something like hers but instead of using 'eat' I was going to use 'Bon Appetite'. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to do this. I then went to Wal-Mart to look at plates and platters for price ranges before heading to second hand shops. I feel in love with this one pattern there. That night while I was trying to sleep I thought more about this decoration and came to the conclusion I am going to do mine a little different. I think 9 plates on the wall are a little too much. I thought her inspiration from Pottery Barn was tacky with all the plates, so I came up with something different. I am very excited to start this project. I might do it next weekend.

This weekend we worked on the ceiling. We painted the entire ceiling, no more rectangle spot unpainted where the fluorescent light was. No more holes either there. We added a medallion at the base of our new lamp. We also put up our new fan. I like what I see. Next will be the stripping of the wall paper.

I'm still so thrilled that this is being done. I am not sure what will come next after the kitchen. I would love for the main living room, however the main bathroom has mold growing on the wallpaper and that can not be very healthy for our children since they have allergies. We will see.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday 19

This Flashback is not very old flashback and it's not really a great picture but it is a flashback I want to share. Last Saturday we had our Christmas get together with Todd's side of the family. We asked my Michelle, my sister-in-law what we could get her youngest daughter Lexi for Christmas several weeks ago. She told us make up, mascara, eye liner, facial powder, neutral eye shadow. Now Lexy will be 11 years old in April. Last year she wanted a basketball. Todd thought I was crazy when I told her what Michelle had told me. I just said "No goddy colors." He constantly asked me is this goddy? It quickly became a joke with us from that point on.

We did not want to get her just make up, so while I was looking at the make up, Todd wandered over to the make up cases. I picked up some mascara, eye liner, and some very light neutral eye shadow. I thought the facial powder was a bad idea to get without her being with me. I was not sure of her facial tone and I did not want to get her anything that would not look right on her. Todd excitedly asked me to come over to him. He found a little box set that he wanted to get her as well. It was a little make up bag and make up brushes. He did well. We boxed the gifts up and wrapped it in pretty wrapping paper. There it sat for a month under our tree along with a few other presents.

Saturday even came and it was time to open gifts. Both Todd and I watched Lexy interested to see how she would react. I think she thought it was going to be a shirt because of the box. I wish I had my camera focused on her. After she opened her gift she had this huge smile on her face, she quickly turned to her Mom and giddily said, "Mom! I got make up!" Then she giggled and held it close to her chest. My eyes quickly looked up to Todd who was standing behind her and he was looking down at her with this huge grin. Yes, we did well. I loved watching her reaction, I loved seeing how pleased she was, how shocked she was. I also loved watching my husband looking at her with love and a pleased look.

This is an old picture of Lexy. The only single picture I have of her from this Christmas, she had her eyes shut in them. Lexy is on the right and her sister Lyndsey is on the left. Two very beautiful girls in my opinion.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Woo Hoo this week is nearly done as a work week. It has been odd the past two days without Dawn but we have been very busy so it makes it easier.

Woo Hoo my goal for January- Organization/De-Cluttering the Kitchen is nearly done. I only have 2 junk drawers left.

Woo Hoo for my husband being my support. It feels great knowing my very best friend, lover, husband is there for me no matter what. Woo Hoo that I am talking about one person. bahahahahaha

Woo Hoo my sweetheart went out on Monday and bought our ceiling paint for the the Kitchen as well as spackling to fix the holes left from the fluorescent light fixture. He also walked in with a new ceiling fan that I thought we were going to wait for another month or two. I guess he is more anxious about starting the Kitchen then I am. Woo Hoo we will be painting the ceiling this Saturday and taking the fan blade in to purchase paint to match the blade. This color will be what we paint our cupboards. I also want to hold it up against the color I chose for the walls to make sure it will go well. We talked about getting a medallion to put around the base of our new light because we noticed the ceiling was not flush with the base. He picked this up as well. Woo Hoo... seriously Woo Hoo I get to paint it tomorrow night. I enjoy doing things like this. I love how I put him in the mood to remodel the Kitchen without really trying. Oh, do not get me wrong, I have been wanting the inside painted for some time with both of us picking out the color. The Kitchen started by me organizing/de-cluttering and asking for a new light fixture on the current ceiling fan to have more light in the Kitchen. Woo Hoo for poor lighting. LOL

Woo Hoo the upstairs is Christmas free. This weekend the first floor will be as well. I am tired of seeing Christmas now. I love my decorations but I am so ready to paint and put some colors on the walls.

Woo Hoo Matthew was able to start back to college for the next semester. The kid had me sweating bullets for him. Not that I wanted him out because I enjoyed chatting with him. I just did not want him to have to give up his dream because of procrastination. He started his classes yesterday and right now is in the right frame of mind to do well.

Woo Hoo my conversation with Ethan seemed to work. I have seen my old Ethan the snuggler back this week. I know he will have hormones issue every now and then but I hope for the most part he is over being mad at the world 95% of the time. I would much rather him be mad at the world only 5% of the time. Alright, IF I had my druthers he would never be mad at the world but common he is human.

That is all I have blog world. I am pooped from this past weekend and my rear is dragging this week so I will sign off for now.

One important Woo Hoo I nearly forgot. Woo Hoo for friends. I do not think I would have made it through the week if it were not for you all. Lifting me up and supporting me. Thank you!

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

So many things were tackled yet one room was not. I wanted to have all of my Christmas decorations down on Monday since we had our last celebration on Saturday but I was too pooped to do it. Completely worn out from the days prior and an ungrateful child that day. I was only able to get the small living room and kitchen completed.

I took a couple days off last week Thursday and Friday to shampoo and bake. I shampooed all of the carpets upstairs except for 1 bedroom. Alright, the small living room, the boys' bedroom and my bedroom as well as dusted everything upstairs including blinds and vacuumed and dusted the main living room downstairs. I did not have the energy to shampoo downstairs, nor would my body allow it. My body was screaming at me by 5 pm when I had to cook. **head hanging low** I was too embarrassed to take before shots, so no photos of before and after. One of the cat's my step-daughter's was in heat the week prior and made messes all over the house. She being pregnant could not clean it up and the hubs would not always do it as well since he was not aware of it. NOW it's clean and the cat will be fixed tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

Friday morning I finished shampooing the main living room then took the Rug Doctor back. By 11:15 am I was in the kitchen baking for Saturday's events as well as making 2 of my dishes. I was very happy with what I did although I lived in the kitchen on Friday.

Saturday I made a couple of more dishes then we celebrated. After everyone left, I started to tackle the laundry. With 8 at home for this one last weekend (1 goes off to college again this past weekend as well.) we have a mountain of laundry. Sunday we went to the store and picked up some more items to help organize some more of the kitchen and look at what ceiling fan to install with the remodeling. I tackled the cabinet below the sink

Before Shot
After Shot

After we cleaned the carpet o.k. mainly me we realized our carpet cleaning solutions were stored in 3 places now they are all in the laundry room, so that was organized again. I will spare you with another after shot until I move the box of photos.

Sunday was also the day I took down the White Christmas tree and decorations upstairs.

Before Shot

After Shot

I did not take the after shot until today. Monday my husband ran to Menards and picked up some paint for the ceiling, the new fan so on the right side you will see the boxes he dropped off there. Next week's tackle is to finish the last two drawers in the kitchen and the last of the decorations downstairs. Who knows...maybe some painting in the kitchen as well. My goal for January was to tackle all the cabinets and drawers in kitchen including the pantry. Goal nearly tackled.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I am very pissed off right now so I think Monday Moans would be a very very bad idea, so I will do a Miscellany Monday instead.

Raising Children

***HUGE SIGH*** I hate children when they become seniors. I know I know hate is such a harsh word but I do hate it. We have had problems with each child but Joshua he totally takes the cake. So very disappointing to me, the fact that he used drugs was a shocker but today's events has changed my perception of him entirely. He and I have different set of morals. He feels that lieing to someone is perfectly fine. He feels because he does a good deed then that should exempt him for doing a bad deed. He is very unappreciative for everything I do do. He thinks it is something he is entitled too. Yes, yes, I understand this is all typical behavior. Calling a mother a "Stupid Bitch" or telling me to "Fuck You" or even "Fuck this!" I would never say to my mother not even to a father that was worthless to me most of my life. Yes, I did tell him I hate him once. These things I think are wrong but are things said out of anger but what he did was crossing the line. See he was angry with me because I would not let him do something he wanted. He kept wanting to know why and truthfully I just did not want to argue this point any longer. His technique is to keep at me to wear me down where I end up giving in because I can not take it any longer. I have known this for some time but when he bragged to his older brother about it, I felt I will no longer let him have the upper hand when it comes to this. He will no longer manipulate when I feel strong about something. Today was one of those things. I heard everything above plus, "I wish I had a different Mother." I thought really? Really? Kid after everything I have gone through with you, for you really? So I thought for now, I am done with the extras for this ungrateful child of mine. He runs his mouth and influences Ethan. It frustrates me to no end. I took his phone from him. A cell phone is an extra, let a different Mother provide one for him.

I knew he talked to one of my best friends. This is another one of his tactics. He will go to Todd or my friend to have them tell me what I am doing wrong, how I am being a bad mother. Prior to calling her to talk with her about her conversation, I checked his phone. This is how I found out he was using drugs by seeing something that was so unordinary for him. Well I noticed a text to my best friend's son also his friend. I read " I just want to stab her. I hate her that much. I would love to stab her." Reply back from said friend "Remember to stab and twist my friend, it's all in the technique." Wow!!! This is not normal anger. This is over the line to make threats like this is not normal.

He asked for me to let him emancipate, he has four months before he is 18 and graduates. I see no purpose of this action, plus he has no where to go.

I absolutely hate senior year of a child.


Tomorrow will be my first day back after the cut backs. I am scared to some point but anxious to go back to get away from home.


I am/have been fighting dark days. I am definitely seeing the glass half empty not half full. I want to enjoy life, the life I have found. I will keep plugging away looking for the light to help me out of the dark days.

Dance Lessons

I am excited that next week, one week from tomorrow we will start dance lessons again. This will help my dark days. I can not explain how much the dance lesson mean to me and how great they make me feel. I know I am not the best dancer but I love spending time with him and laughing. I do have a concern with my knees, they are both aching due to the weather but I do not want to give it up.


My older son will/has gone back to college this next semester. His uncle and grandmother assisted him. Now he needs to keep his nose to the grind and do well. Prior to going to the University he was an honor student 3.98 GPA. He ran into his ex-girlfriend around Homecoming and things went down hill for him. He will be seeking help for his depression but it cost his grades, he is on academic probation and needs to show them in order to stay in the program. I have faith in him, he just needs to do it. He needs to not let this depression get the best of him. I am speaking from experience as well as a mother.


Well Kera made it official. She told her grandmother in a beautiful way that she is expecting. I am anxious for March because she will have an ultrasound. I hope the baby is cooperating and we can find out the sex of the baby. She wants a girl or as she says a "little diva" but her gut feeling is that she is carrying a boy. David is planning on coming up towards the middle of February. I hope he is good to her and they work this out. I know she is not my biological daughter but I do worry about her. It is going to be a tough road but if someone is willing to put 100% effort in it, it is reachable.


Todd picked up our new ceiling fan for the Kitchen. I did not expect him to pick it up so soon. He also picked up a medallion that will go around the base of our new light. It will look very nice once it is done. He also picked up paint to paint the ceiling. Next will be removing the wall paper then painting the walls and cupboards. He is really into remodeling the Kitchen right now. I am not going to stop him. I am loving it as well.

Holiday Hug Pretzels

The first time I saw this recipe from the Family Fun I knew I wanted to make it. I then saw my cousin's wife post it as well on her website Nummy-Yummy In da Tummy only she did not use the waffle pretzels but the circle pretzels and placed the Hershey Hugs in the center. Very Cute! Another good friend of mine used the regular twist pretzels and they turned out just as cute. In my opinion, it does not matter what style of the pretzel you use. I went for the waffle pretzels. Now the original recipe did state to use the red and green M&Ms but since the holiday season is over, I went with regular M&Ms. I loved the color it gave. I did bake mine a little less time then stated only because I did not have parchment paper and I did not want them to burn. I still think they turned out great.

Click here for the Holiday Hug Pretzel recipe.

Broccoli Salad

One of my favorite dishes at Hy-Vee Kitchen. One day I asked how they made it. I was very surprised the employee told me. They used cole slaw dressing. I make mine with a little less dressing then store made. I want to enjoy the taste of the broccoli as well, especially when it is fresh from our garden. The best broccoli is straight from the garden. It truly has a different taste, you can taste the freshness. I have been making this salad now for about 4 years, it is one of the family get together favorites.

Click here for the Broccoli Salad recipe.

Melting Snowman Cookies

I feel in love with this cookie when I saw it on a blog I follow Adventures-In-Mommy-Land. She has a lot of creative ideas and does a wonderful job with book reviews and crafts for smaller children. You should check her blog out. Any way, I thought I just had to make them for our Christmas get together. Everyone enjoyed them. They turned out well and I will definitely be making them again.

Click here for the Melting Snowman Cookies.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Part 3

Last night we celebrated Christmas with Todd's family. I took a couple of days off to get things prepared. We needed to shampoo our carpet in the worse way after Millie's last episode of being in heat. Thursday, I shampooed the upstairs, the small living room and two bedrooms. Friday was the main living room and baking all day. I always make goodies for everyone to take home as well. With Christmas being 3 weeks ago, I honestly did not want to make the same things so I tried my hand at some new things and enjoyed baking and decorating them.

I baked the typical peanut butter blossoms and made raspberry thumb print cookies as well as regular peanut butter cookies.

I made pretzel hugs and melted snowman cookies.

I also made these adorable snowman almond bark pretzel sticks.

We left all of our decorations up and had everything lit. Todd even lit the fireplace for our event.

For dinner Michele (SIL) brought pickle wrap dip and party potatoes. Connie (MIL) brought chili. We made BBQ pulled pork, snicker bar salad, broccoli salad, and pasta salad. We also picked up chips.

The kids laughed and played. The adults enjoyed conversation with one another. The guys watched football. We were missing Emily (she went to Des Moines to babysit) and Joshua (who had a Swing Choir competition.) and I wished they were here as well. (side note- Joshua's group took 5th at the competition. :-) )

We exchanged gifts with one another. Kera gave a very special gift to her grandmother. Several people were in tears. It was a very emotional moment in our house that night. Kera gave to her grandmother a beautiful frame that had a beautiful poem inside and a special message where you place a picture. Connie forgot her glasses so Kera read the poem to her. She read a beautiful poem about great-grandmas. Her special message was informing her grandma that she is expecting a child the day after Connie's birthday. While Kera was reading to her she wept. She herself was full of emotions. Connie went to her and hugged her telling her how much she loved her. The evening ended with such a wonderful feeling. Well worth all the extra work I put in. Everyone enjoyed it all.

He Loves Me