Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad Start...Great Ending

Today just did not start well at all. I have been super tired lately. I mean butt dragging on the floor tired. I can not figure out why either. I think it is the menopause thing. I typically never over sleep because if my alarm did not go off, when the garage door opens it ALWAYS wakes me up. The garage is directly under the master bedroom.

Last night I could not find my cell phone. I typically use the alarm on my phone. I must have left in my car and by the time I went to bed, my knees were so achy that I did want to attempt to climb the stairs, so I set the alarm on our alarm clock, that we rarely use. Off to dreamland I went. I slept well. I slept hard. I awoke to Todd opening the bedroom door and turning on the light. I popped out of bed and screamed NO! OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! He asked me if I hit snooze too much (something I am good at) or what. Nope I never heard the alarm at all. It was 7:24 am. I typically leave between 7:15 and 7:30, if I ever left at 7:41 was pushing it to make it on time. I rushed to our bathroom to shower as Todd was telling me Emily was taking a shower. When both showers are in use at the same time, our shower does not get the hot water. I realized this but needed to shower. As I was finishing Todd asked me if he could help by taking the boys to school. This would be a tremendous help I told him. His phone then rang, it was Matthew he needed Todd to jump start his car. He had left the lights on and now his battery was dead. So my darling husband helped my boys. I was 3 minutes late to work. I arrived and logged into my phone by 8:03. My hair was very wet still, no time to dry it.

We had dance lessons tonight. We definitely did not plan this out. We had the kids fend for their selves. 5 o'clock came and I was headed out the work doors, calling Todd to make sure where we were meeting for lessons. He was just leaving work, a meeting he had to go to, with Matthew. His car had not started and he was having problems getting the battery out of his car. He was going to work on it some more using WD40 while we were at dance. Todd left his car with him just in case he did get his battery unconnected to take to have it charged for him.

DANCE...I was worried about what we may have forgotten. We were going to be taught 3 new dances, Tango, Polka Ballroom, and Viennese Waltz. By the time our class is over, we should know 15 different dances. I was worried about the Tango when we came to it. I worried how was my knee going to handle it. The first 30 minutes of our class was just a review of the slow dance...then something new, the TANGO. Oh my goodness! I love the Tango at least the beginning. I caught on right away. I felt actually graceful. I was doing everything right the first time. Todd and I had the rhythm down. I love the Tango! What a great night at dancing. I am so thankful all the slide quick ending step for the woman is dragging the right leg, if it were the left I do not think I could have done this dance.

After class we went to Matthew's dorm, no luck for Matthew. We used my car to jump him this time. It was nearly 7:30, dark and cold. I felt bad for him. He had been working on this all day just about. He missed work, and that is a lot for a college kid. He needs the money. Thankfully the jump worked this time. He was thrilled and had his happy huge smile. I gave him some money to help him since I knew he lost a day's worth of work. I did not have a lot to give him but enough to get him by.

We had a rough start to our day but it ended well. Except for my knight in shinning arm. He had very little sleep. He is everything I can ask for a man. He gives everything to his family. Tomorrow my husband will not have to go anywhere. No meetings, just sleep his day away. Love you sweetheart and Thank you!

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