Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Part 3

Last night we celebrated Christmas with Todd's family. I took a couple of days off to get things prepared. We needed to shampoo our carpet in the worse way after Millie's last episode of being in heat. Thursday, I shampooed the upstairs, the small living room and two bedrooms. Friday was the main living room and baking all day. I always make goodies for everyone to take home as well. With Christmas being 3 weeks ago, I honestly did not want to make the same things so I tried my hand at some new things and enjoyed baking and decorating them.

I baked the typical peanut butter blossoms and made raspberry thumb print cookies as well as regular peanut butter cookies.

I made pretzel hugs and melted snowman cookies.

I also made these adorable snowman almond bark pretzel sticks.

We left all of our decorations up and had everything lit. Todd even lit the fireplace for our event.

For dinner Michele (SIL) brought pickle wrap dip and party potatoes. Connie (MIL) brought chili. We made BBQ pulled pork, snicker bar salad, broccoli salad, and pasta salad. We also picked up chips.

The kids laughed and played. The adults enjoyed conversation with one another. The guys watched football. We were missing Emily (she went to Des Moines to babysit) and Joshua (who had a Swing Choir competition.) and I wished they were here as well. (side note- Joshua's group took 5th at the competition. :-) )

We exchanged gifts with one another. Kera gave a very special gift to her grandmother. Several people were in tears. It was a very emotional moment in our house that night. Kera gave to her grandmother a beautiful frame that had a beautiful poem inside and a special message where you place a picture. Connie forgot her glasses so Kera read the poem to her. She read a beautiful poem about great-grandmas. Her special message was informing her grandma that she is expecting a child the day after Connie's birthday. While Kera was reading to her she wept. She herself was full of emotions. Connie went to her and hugged her telling her how much she loved her. The evening ended with such a wonderful feeling. Well worth all the extra work I put in. Everyone enjoyed it all.

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  1. Oh my! Those are wonderful! I love the snowman cookies best, but I have a thing for snowmen!


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