Friday, January 14, 2011

Flashback Friday 18

As I was going through photos to scan for Joshua's slide show
I came across these photos that Al took for me when
Ethan graduated from Pre-School back in 2002.

The class of 2002 from Early Learning Center

They sang to us.

As well as performed 3 plays for us.
Ethan and my nephew Carlos
were in Little Red Riding Hood
Ethan was the big bad wolf.

They had a limited budget
so never mind that the mask
was actually of a lion not a wolf.

They had their graduation ceremony
Only they did not march to the Pomp and Circumstance
They graduated to Isarel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I actually cried when he was up there getting his diploma
My little snuggler up there on stage
graduating from Pre-School

Whenever I hear the song now
it brings tears to my eyes just
thinking back to this day

They had a little Graduation Party
following the ceremony

Here are the two

Ethan and his cousin Carlos
Ethan born the 1st day in November
Carlos the last day in November

Yes, here are the graduates
Notice Carlos' shoes are on the wrong feet
And Ethan's are untied.

I will cherish this Friday Flashback.

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