Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday 19

This Flashback is not very old flashback and it's not really a great picture but it is a flashback I want to share. Last Saturday we had our Christmas get together with Todd's side of the family. We asked my Michelle, my sister-in-law what we could get her youngest daughter Lexi for Christmas several weeks ago. She told us make up, mascara, eye liner, facial powder, neutral eye shadow. Now Lexy will be 11 years old in April. Last year she wanted a basketball. Todd thought I was crazy when I told her what Michelle had told me. I just said "No goddy colors." He constantly asked me is this goddy? It quickly became a joke with us from that point on.

We did not want to get her just make up, so while I was looking at the make up, Todd wandered over to the make up cases. I picked up some mascara, eye liner, and some very light neutral eye shadow. I thought the facial powder was a bad idea to get without her being with me. I was not sure of her facial tone and I did not want to get her anything that would not look right on her. Todd excitedly asked me to come over to him. He found a little box set that he wanted to get her as well. It was a little make up bag and make up brushes. He did well. We boxed the gifts up and wrapped it in pretty wrapping paper. There it sat for a month under our tree along with a few other presents.

Saturday even came and it was time to open gifts. Both Todd and I watched Lexy interested to see how she would react. I think she thought it was going to be a shirt because of the box. I wish I had my camera focused on her. After she opened her gift she had this huge smile on her face, she quickly turned to her Mom and giddily said, "Mom! I got make up!" Then she giggled and held it close to her chest. My eyes quickly looked up to Todd who was standing behind her and he was looking down at her with this huge grin. Yes, we did well. I loved watching her reaction, I loved seeing how pleased she was, how shocked she was. I also loved watching my husband looking at her with love and a pleased look.

This is an old picture of Lexy. The only single picture I have of her from this Christmas, she had her eyes shut in them. Lexy is on the right and her sister Lyndsey is on the left. Two very beautiful girls in my opinion.

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