Monday, January 17, 2011

Holiday Hug Pretzels

The first time I saw this recipe from the Family Fun I knew I wanted to make it. I then saw my cousin's wife post it as well on her website Nummy-Yummy In da Tummy only she did not use the waffle pretzels but the circle pretzels and placed the Hershey Hugs in the center. Very Cute! Another good friend of mine used the regular twist pretzels and they turned out just as cute. In my opinion, it does not matter what style of the pretzel you use. I went for the waffle pretzels. Now the original recipe did state to use the red and green M&Ms but since the holiday season is over, I went with regular M&Ms. I loved the color it gave. I did bake mine a little less time then stated only because I did not have parchment paper and I did not want them to burn. I still think they turned out great.

Click here for the Holiday Hug Pretzel recipe.

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