Saturday, January 22, 2011

House Make Over Begins.

Exciting!!! The inside of my house is really beginning to be made over. Now I have paint for two rooms picked out and purchased. We have had the main living room paint for a year now. I am in hopes by the end of February to have that room painted. Both living rooms have flat white walls as our bedroom. The kitchen is a yellow with wallpaper and the main bathroom is entirely wall paper. Our tiny bathroom does have color and a wallpaper border. All rooms hopefully will be painted by April, well at least that is my goal before gardening outdoors begin and everything fresh for graduation and baby shower.

The main bathroom will have a different look. The wallpaper will come down, and we plan to paint a slate blue on the walls. The vanity and the medicine cabinet will be painted white. I have found a couple of prints I like that I will put up in the bathroom as well.

I am not sure what color to paint the small living room, the stairway will be the same color. I am still trying to figure out if I can cover the current love seat. I do know I want one of my prints that I inherited from my grandfather in there instead of both being in my bedroom.

My Kitchen is where we are now. Todd is hoping to have this done by February 9th the end of his vacation. I think we will be able to meet his goal. Only thing that will have to wait is the counter top. This we will have to save up for and watch for sales. We kind of found what we are looking for today when we went in to get the paint for the cupboards. We also found our new flooring that we will pick up sometime next week.

I love "Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM's kitchen. She inspired me for some new decor and finding some I had myself in the shed. I fell in love with her plate decor. I wanted to do something like hers but instead of using 'eat' I was going to use 'Bon Appetite'. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to do this. I then went to Wal-Mart to look at plates and platters for price ranges before heading to second hand shops. I feel in love with this one pattern there. That night while I was trying to sleep I thought more about this decoration and came to the conclusion I am going to do mine a little different. I think 9 plates on the wall are a little too much. I thought her inspiration from Pottery Barn was tacky with all the plates, so I came up with something different. I am very excited to start this project. I might do it next weekend.

This weekend we worked on the ceiling. We painted the entire ceiling, no more rectangle spot unpainted where the fluorescent light was. No more holes either there. We added a medallion at the base of our new lamp. We also put up our new fan. I like what I see. Next will be the stripping of the wall paper.

I'm still so thrilled that this is being done. I am not sure what will come next after the kitchen. I would love for the main living room, however the main bathroom has mold growing on the wallpaper and that can not be very healthy for our children since they have allergies. We will see.

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  1. Clicked on the link - HOLY COW that woman does some crazy neat stuff! Love the plate idea!


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