Monday, January 10, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Hmmm, I am beginning to think Monday Moans will not always happen. I am in such great spirits that I can not really think about blogging about anything to moan or at least not enough for an entire blog. With this in mind, I might just have Miscellany Mondays on the off Monday of no moans.


I totally excited about the remodeling we are going to do to the kitchen now. To think, this all started because I wanted more lighting in the kitchen again. I originally asked if we could purchase a new light to go with the lighted fan we have. One similar to the one we installed in our seasonal porch we remodeled. By me asking for a new light led to a new light fixture where the old fluorescent light was, because the old fluorescent light had a part that wasn't painted and has some areas that needs to be patched, the ceiling needs painted. Todd said well if we are painting the ceiling then we might as well paint the walls. THRILLED **happy dance, happy dance**

**Flashback** A couple of years ago Todd mentioned how he would love to remodel the kitchen, about two months ago we were in Lowes looking at things and we came across one of their do it yourself videos of installing this laminate flooring that looks like hardwood. One you can install right over the current linoleum. We both liked it and mentioned maybe with some of our income tax money we can get new flooring.***

Painting the walls led to the discussion of our cupboards. Personally, I like our cupboards. I love how the bottom drawers pull out so I can have full access to them. I also love how I have two recipe holders attached to two cupboards on the top. I just have to remember to use them. (ha ha ha) We then discussed about painting the cupboards, we do have a couple that are water damaged because of water near the sink, even the counter top has damage there. I have talked Todd into letting us paint them. I have been thinking about what color to paint them. I do not want white! My brood does not clean up after themselves anywhere and the kitchen is the worse. They will spill red sauce and just leave it, making it stain the floor or counter tops. Most of the time with my elbow grease and bleach I am able to get it out but there are a few I can not. White kitchen cupboards would be a bad idea, a very bad idea. I have picked out the color for the walls (Clay Ridge) now it was time to think about the cupboards.

Our new light we picked up and was installed on Saturday, I knew it was not going to go with our current kitchen fan. We need a new one in our bedroom before late spring, so we will move the current kitchen fan to our room. While we were at Menards picking up our new light, We strolled over the to fans section and we both found the new fan we want. The light dome has a similar effect that our new light does, it is a lighter wood with silver like our new light has. I kept thinking about a color for the cabinets all day on Sunday, then it hit me. Before we put the new fan up (after we buy it) we should take one of the blades in and tell Lowes we want them to match the color of the blade and just paint it that color. Todd loved the idea. I think painting it will be easier then stripping and re-staining them, the doors may be easy but the actual cabinets I think would be a pain. He is now trying to figure out a way we can afford the new counter tops that we need but I am afraid of the cost since we do need a new water heater as well.


I come home from work to have Joshua tell me some great news. He found out from his counselor that he can still apply to the University this Fall and his counselor confirmed that he will not have any problems being accepted as long as he takes the ACT test on their campus the 24th. Great news! As soon as his father files income tax then he will be applying for FAFSA. This is such a relief. I feared he was going to have to wait a year because of his procrastination.


On the other hand, Matthew's issue is still there. He has 4 days to come up with over $4,000 for college. He has procrastinated like I have never seen him with his college this year. I know he is fighting depression he really worries me. He did not do well last semester due to the depression also. It saddens me he went in on the honor program at the university and he just did not do well at all. I do not think it is too tough for him, he just has to stop procrastinating and get some help with his depression. He is 20 1/2 so it is not like I can make him. He realizes his issues. I just wish there was something I could have done for him. I just do not have that kind of money. This one child I am very worried for.


This one blind sided me as well last week. He has little ambition and is in front of the video games constantly. I think the Mean Mommy will have to come out and pack up all the game systems until he gets his act together. He failed Language Arts the first trimester. The first day he came home from Christmas break he hands me a note that I needed to sign. He is failing Algebra because he is not returning his homework. I grounded him from electronics until he pulls the grade up. Tonight I went to check online to see if it has improved any at all. He has a D in the class now, however I see 2 more F's, 1 in Science and 1 in Language Arts. What is he thinking of? He and I had another discussion and he is now aware that if I do not see improvement soon, he will lose game privileges for good this entire trimester until his third trimester's mid term (March) when I can see he is passing his classes. I have had enough of this crap.


Awh, my sweetheart was cooking dinner tonight when I came home. He was hoping to have it finished but he was winging the entire recipe and had no clue on how long to bake the whole chicken, not just one but two chickens. We had everyone home tonight. It tasted great. I think I should go on strike and have him cook more often. he he he

Gas Prices

I have heard that by the end of 2011 gas prices here in Iowa is suppose to be $5/gallon. Oh my goodness. This is a lot for here in Iowa. Before Christmas we had gas prices of $2.79/gallon, now it is $3.09/gallon. I do not know what I will do if that is the case. I think I may try to figure out car pooling or when it is not winter think about the bus. Today at lunch one of my co-workers was talking about how the Johnson County Correctional Facility was told that by the end of March gas prices will be $5/gallon. I am very concerned with this because this will push up the cost of food. I spend a good chunk of my income now on food. If I can manage to stalk up, maybe this is the time to do so but put it in an area where the kids do not see it. Unfortunately, if they see it that means they can pig out on it and eat bigger portions or snarf it down all at once. None of them think about quantities and making it last. All I have to say is our garden has to have a good season this year. We need to can and freeze as much vegetables as we can. I think every little bit will help. The kids will have to stop thinking they need to run here and there to be with their friends. Our life style will have to change for sure.

Todd's Schedule

I just figured out Todd's schedule for the year and I am totally happy with his days off, of course there are some that I would love for him to have off but he has some good holidays off this year. Where Todd works they have to have staffing 24/7 - 365 days of the year. No holidays off. He works for the Johnson County Joint Communication Center...9-1-1 dispatchers for the entire county. First in the state of Iowa. They consolidated this past July Johnson County and Iowa City. For the most part it is better that they joined but some entities are having problems not controlling and making it difficult on them well that and new system kinks still. They work 4 days on and 2 days off rotation. Every 5th and 6th week of this rotation they have to work 10 hours in order to get a certain amount of hours in within a 6 week time frame that the union requires. With this schedule they can only have so many people off at a time as well and if someone is off they have to have others work over time to cover. They have a skeleton crew. This year he will have the following holidays off: Halloween Eve and Halloween (great decorating the yard will be great as well as he can hand out the candy that the kids love because he dresses up too.), Thanksgiving (which means he can help with the Black Friday shopping, woot woot!), and Christmas Eve (which is when we celebrate Christmas with his family.)


Seeds are out! Enough said there. he he he

Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Monday! Have fun with your kitchen remodel. I did mine last summer, all except the flooring. We ran out of money! LOL Cabinets, counters, appliances. Hope you have a great week and the college issues get worked out for your son.


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