Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday


Joshua had a great weekend. He participates in the swing choir and also made 2 large group speech teams. Large group speech is sort of short plays or readings. He made Choral reading and they are doing an exert out of The Odyssey. He also made some random one as well. Friday will be their home performance and I plan to go see it. Saturday was Districts for them and both groups received a high enough rating that they will go on to State in two weeks. He had to rush from his performance (in Montezuma, IA) and not knowing the results yet to Muscatine, IA where his swing choir was going to compete. His group took 3rd place, they were just 3 points behind 2nd place. I have to say this year's performance is a great one. I love their dances and songs this year. Our relationship is not fixed yet and I am sure it will take time after the comments said.

Matthew received the money in time to pay for his classes. This is such a huge relief! He is also going to joint a small orchestra group at the University. I can not wait to go and listen to him play. I love listening to orchestra, I have missed it the past 3 years. He seems to be happy and on track. It makes me feel good.

Ethan~ I think my talk with him last weekend worked. He is not acting so much like Joshua anymore. I understand he looks up to him, but I told him he should have his own opinions and be his self not a mini Joshua among other things. I have enjoyed him tremendously this past week. He is making effort to get late work turned in and doing extra credit to bring his grades back up. Nothing new with Noah.


I'm thrilled with the progress we are starting. Matthew came to visit today and mentioned how the ceiling looks great. I showed him the colors we picked for the kitchen and explain what I wanted to do with a platter and 3 plates. He told me he loves my ideas. Matthew and Ethan has my artistic ability. Well Joshua does as well but he chooses not to use them. I guess all the boys have my ability because Noah loves to draw as well. I plan to paint some pictures for my bedroom. I am so excited!


The atmosphere is different. The supervisor is being very nice. We were busy at the beginning of the week, okay for two days but then dropped dead for the remainder of the week. I have been working on updating our department manual. I just wish we would keep busy on the phones. I see more cut backs for sure coming if it does not pick up soon.


It has been put on hold. I know I should not have done this but I am finding it hard to make time to exercise. I am just too worn out from trying to get everything else done. I really want my house organized and re-done before Joshua graduates and Kera's baby shower. I also am trying to get more sleep. I am lousy at getting enough sleep. My body is starting to scream at me. I am in hopes February will be better. I will have more activity moving with dancing beginning next week... DANCING Totally excited that Tuesday we will begin dancing again. I am terrified to learn the Tango. I am not sure how I will be able to do some of the moves in it, the sharp kicks (bending around Todd's leg), I do not think my knee will allow me to do that.


In 3 weeks David should be here. He is moving from Florida to Iowa to be with Kera. They will then find a place of their own. I think this will be good for them since they are making serious efforts of being together. I also think it will be great for him to be here while she is going through her stages in the pregnancy and here when she has the baby. I can not wait until her stomach gets big enough for me to take a picture of them. I want to take a picture of them together but focus on the torso. I want David to be shirtless and Kera in a tank top covering her breast but the belly to be uncovered. I want David to be behind her with his arms around her and both of them touching her belly. I wouldn't mind a shot where they are making a heart with their hands as well. All in black and white. His dark skin and her pale skin should make this a great shot.

Pre-Menopause or Menopause

I am not sure what stage I am in any more but it royally stinks! I have been in the pre part for a couple of years. October my monthly was very light. I have not had any since. It freaks me out! Seriously! I take pregnancy test every month and sometimes more then 1 test. I feel the lower back pain, cramping, ovaries aching, sometimes facial break out. I even can tell when I am ovulating still. Just no show. What the heck, I thought that I should not feel any of that crap if I do not have any showing. Even my breast are tender once in awhile, this is why it freaks me out. I know I need to make an appointment with the specialist. If you can not tell by now, I am bad at making appointments for me.

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