Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Moans

This Monday Moans is brought to you by the callers and internal colleagues of mine today. One word today UGH!

It is always hard to go back to work after a holiday, especially when one was over the weekend and you had a long weekend due to it. The first MOOOOAAAN will be going back to work. Next MOOOOAAAN is for those who called in and left voicemail not only on New Year's Eve while we were lucky to have off but those of you who called in on New Year's Day. SERIOUSLY, 2 things here people...1...IT IS A HOLIDAY...2...IT IS A SATURDAY! Did you really think anyone would answer the phone? To be so angry and leave vulgar messages because no one answered your phone call, seriously you need to start meditating or something.

MOOOOAAAN for one of the phone lines not shutting down as it should have therefore giving me a roll over and hurting my stats, yeah yeah I know if I would have logged off like I should have I would not have had said roll over but I was trying to hurry and finish up some intranet sites for my co-workers to use today. I stayed 15 minutes after everyone else and did not even get paid for it, so cut me some slack.

MOOOOAAAN for the phones being so crazy today. Why we had some people off working on special projects is beyond my own imagination. We needed every man on board today. It is always super busy after the first of the year. We have callers calling in wanting to know if their new benefits are in effect MOOOOAAAN. We have callers calling in MOOOOAAANing about not having the id cards yet. Trust me, you can seek treatment without the cards. All you need is your member number or good ol' SSN works as well and a group number. Just because you do not have your medical id card does not mean you can not seek treatment. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, I would not lie to you or misguide you.

MOOOOAAAN for some companies having their HR on holiday and having no one in their office now for 2 weeks. You are freaking your new hires. They do not understand why you all have to be gone when their benefits are more important.

MOOOOAAAN for where I work getting rid of their FSA (Flexible Spending Account) product. OH We knew this nightmare was coming. MOOOOAAAN December 31st was their last day to process claims, however all the information did not go to the new company we are outsourcing to. MOOOOAAAN to all the claims that were processed in error because we can not fix them. What happened to Quality Assurance here folks? MOOOOAAAN to the claims that were denied in error or more wrong denial codes, you confuse the callers. MOOOOAAAN for this department's bad attitude today. Yes, I know you have dwindled in numbers and you are working hard, but we are your front line and we are the people who are taking the brunt of it from the callers...heck we are the ones taking it from the callers. We are a team, so get off your duffs and help us when we call you for help. MOOOOAAAN Do you think we want to bother you when we know you are busy as well? What happened to your people skills? There is a thing called interoffice customers as well...guess what we are one of them. So keep you snaughty attitudes at home or check them at the door. Do NOT give me grief when you are asked to pull a claim to confirm if we did or did not receive what the caller sent it. We are a team and do not want to reflect poor work to anyone. MOOOOAAAN MOOOOAAAN MOOOOAAAN. (That's a big one if you can not tell. )

MOOOOAAAN for being so wiped out after work that all you want to do is go to bed instead of enjoy time with your children and your husband who happens to have the night off.

On a side excited that I'm sneaking in a couple of Woo Hoos on this Monday Moan... WOO HOO in 15 hours a new stove will be delivered to my home and installed. WOO HOO, I am also getting a new light fixture in my Kitchen to replace the broken florescent light. Our lighting is weird in the Kitchen I have a ceiling fan and a florescent light, neither of them are center ~~~> that bugs me because I think they should be centered...this will not change. We are getting rid of the old florescent light and getting a new pretty light. I would love to have a new ceiling fan that goes with the new light but that will wait because that is just a want. Yep, I will wait. ;)

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