Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Moans

MOOOOAAAAANNN my body aches. MOOOOAAAAANNN the upper arms, the top part of my arms...MOOOOAAAAANNN my wrist, MOOOOAAAAANNN my upper back, MOOOOAAAAANNN my middle back, MOOOOAAAAANNN the back of my thighs all from stripping wallpaper. MOOOOAAAAANNN I think it was from leaning over the cupboards. MOOOOAAAAANNN and I am not done yet.

MOOOOAAAAANNN for Blizzard we are expecting. MOOOOAAAAANNN we are told it is suppose to be the worse in 15 years. 3 inches tonight for the first round, MOOOOAAAAANNN second round will begin while I am at work and end early Wednesday morning dumping another 14 inches. Now this is not anything like the East Coast has seen but my front tires are not the best. MOOOOAAAAANNN, I am SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO SLIDING AROUND.

MOOOOAAAAANNN for children thinking they are entitled. Enough said there. I could post an entire blog on this at times, it would just be a repeat. Do not get me wrong. I love our children but I do not know why this generation feels that the parents owe the child everything in their life. The child feels they do not have to be responsible to have nice things. I guess we parents work just to give to the children now a days, who cares that the parent has wants that is not important.

MOOOOAAAAANNN for my poor husband who is in this Fantasy Football League for years. They have a Super Bowl party every year. This was the first year that my sweetheart won and unfortunately, not enough turn out so they are canceling it.

MOOOOAAAAANNN missing my co-workers that were let go. We are super busy and their help would be so appreciated other then just plain missing them.

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