Saturday, January 1, 2011


I hope everyone brought the New Year
in safely and the way you wanted.

Emily left shortly after dinner

to bring in the New Year with friends of hers.

Joshua left to go to a friend's party around 8 pm.
I wish I had my
camera with me when he left.
He was dressed in his tuxedo
and looked rather dapper.

Matthew and his friend
shortly after 10 pm.

Todd left to go to work
around 10:20 pm.

This left Kera, Ethan, and Noah home with me.
We planned a little party our own style.

Our Snacks for the evening.
They had Sparkling White Grape Juice.
Kera even drank the non-alcohol bubbly.

Noah loved it.
Ethan hated it.
We played Monopoly.
Kera entertained everyone
with her facial expressions and comments,

However she did not like having to pay

Noah for a utility she just gave to him through bargaining.
Even Tilly thought she would join in.Ethan kicked our butts.

They whooped it up when it became midnight.

Matthew text messaged me
to wish me Happy New Years.

Todd called me when the phones died down
to wish me Happy New Years.

I hope 2011 brings everyone happiness
and everything one deserves.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Wishing you peace and tranquility in 2011 Jolene...and lots and lots of belly laughs!


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