Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

This week's tackle project was just more of a carry over of what I did not finish in the Kitchen from last week's. (January is my month to tackle the Kitchen) What I thought was good, my one cupboard that has actual food was turned into a Tornado Alley. My husband loved what I did with the other cupboards and we discussed how we are not using all the space that the pantry has to offer, so he took it upon his self one day last week (I think Thursday) to look in the cupboard to see what we can move. We discussed those thoughts and thought it would be nice to use the air tight canisters a little more then we have been.

Before Shot

This was what I found Saturday morning when I went to look into the cupboard to see what I need to pick up grocery shopping. Most of it was moved to the pantry after I tackled it.

After Shot

I also picked up a few new containers as well. This time I labeled them with masking tape when they are empty and we chose to store another food item in it.

Before Shot
As you can see our pantry was not used properly at all. The very top shelf and the first bigger shelf store appliances and vases as well as our waffle maker that has never been used while I lived here. The fluorescent light bulb box in front of the only working door is typically not there but was for the shot when my sweetheart thought he fixed the light.

After Shot

As you can see we also have installed a new light fixture. :-)

We wanted to get items off the counter tops as well, so I picked up a container (on the bottom shelf) to put all the chips in and I had this basket in the linen closet not being used I place our breads in. The bottom was reorganized where I could fit the two boxes that were placed there temporarily. Once Kera moves out we will have access to our shelves in the garage again and all those boxes as well as our huge canning pot will go down there to store until we start canning this fall. I am not sure what we will put on the bottom then. We might just try to stock up products and store them under there in boxes until we use them. Now there are only 3 junk drawers left to tackle in the kitchen and then they all have been tackled. I am not sure if I will get to them this next time or if it will be putting our Christmas decorations away.

This Saturday will be our last Christmas get together. I left up the trees and decorations for this celebration. Thinking this over I know I will not get to them this week. I have taken Thursday and Friday off so I can shampoo carpets as well as do some more Christmas baking for our get together. It's always expected when we get together on Christmas Eve and since Todd's Mother was being released from the hospital on Christmas Eve from breaking 8 ribs and puncturing her lung (5 days in ICU and an operation as well) we postponed our celebration until she could move about a little more with less pain. Baking is a must because I always send some home with them. I will just do a little bit of different things this time around. Our dinner will be different as well.

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