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Well I am a month late to post this, I know I blogged I would post about Todd in December but December was busy! What was I thinking of? This will be added in "The Family" page at the top.

July 30, 1966

Todd and I met via dating website. Yes, folks the Internet. December 31, 2004 he placed an interest in me on my profile. The next day I logged in with every intentions to close my account. I had decided that I was done with the dating scene and made up my mind that I would be boy friendless until Noah graduates. I was fine with being alone mentally by then so much different then a couple of months after I left my ex April 23, 2003. I had a few bad boyfriends and this dating website, I found more men only wanting one thing not a relationship. I logged on to the site and read over the new fellows that peeked interest in me. When I came to Todd's there was something there. His profile was not the usual building a male ego, his was more down to earth. He claimed his love for his girls. There was not a picture of him but I thought, well I could at least have a strong possibility of a friend out of this. Someone that I would be able to converse with through the Internet that had the same principals as a parent that I do. I responded back. We soon started to communicate at first by email. I felt like a school girl giddy and anxious for my next message. It is so funny the day I mentioned this to one of my co-workers I came home to read an email from him stating he felt the same way, as if it is the modern version of passing notes in school. "Check yes or no if you like me." We definitely connected. We soon graduated from email to instant messaging. Our first date was January 15, 2005. I was so nervous. I knew I was falling for this guy but what if he did not like what he saw. We shared our feelings about meeting one another then inside my next email he stated this: "A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections. You are my diamond." Our first date was perfect. In April 2005, I relocated to Iowa City to be with him. I know, it was a major risk but I truly believe one knows when it is right. It was right in so many ways, including a job. I was working with a temporary service because I had lost my job in August 2004.

Our love for one another continued to grow even through challenges we met with our children. We did not blend as easy as the Brady Bunch did. For the most part we are past those issues with our children, occasionally a bump regarding it every now and then in the road. We married one another July 26, 2008.

Todd definitely completes me. I have never met a man that looks out for me as much as he does. He makes me laugh and he has told me way back in 2005 it is his goal to make me laugh every day, he has pretty much met that goal. He has a temper from time to time but no one is perfect. He is against physical violence and I admire him for that. I think he has the perfect facial profile. I find him amazingly attractive. He has a huge heart although he feels that he has become numb from his job. I am sure he does see a lot of the bad side in people with working 9-1-1 dispatch but he still has a huge heart.

Todd has amazing strength. I mean amazing, he will pick up heavy boxes and lug them on his shoulder as if they were pillows. When we moved my piano from Des Moines, he mainly lifted the piano his self into the truck. A friend was helping but he did have the strength in his wrist due to an accident he had a few years prior.

Todd adores his girls still. It is been rough for Todd not to help enable them but he is standing his grounds from time to time now, in order for them to move in the right direction. He is great with my boys as well. He is an excellent role model and will only step in when needed with my boys as I with his girls.

Family means everything to Todd. He is close to his mother and sister. His nephews and nieces as well. His relationship with his father is non existent but from what I hear, that is his father's doing. Todd just does not put effort any more. I have never met the guy but from what I heard I would recognize him if I ever saw him on the street. I guess Todd looks just like him.

Todd has great work ethics. He works hard to make sure we have what we do and extras. He is a very intelligent man. I have never met a man as smart and level headed as he is. He enjoys playing poker. He loves just about all sports. He is a huge Cubs fan and Hawkeye fanatic. He loves football but hates home games for the Hawkeyes due to the hardship it creates for him at work. One year for my birthday Todd signed us up for Ballroom/Social Dancing. He did this when he was not fond of dancing his self but wanted to do something special for my birthday, however he fell in love with dancing. It is our special time. Todd loves to garden as well. When he has an interest in something he does a lot of research because he wants to do it right.

Todd does everything in his power to make me happy. He makes me feel like a queen. I look forward to growing old with him. Oh, we do have our problems from time to time but we work through them. I think our previous marriages we learned what we did wrong and what we want. We do not take one another for granted or advantage.

I am so grateful he found my profile and peeked interest in me.


  1. I didn't realize the time line was so quick in the beginning! Glad you are so happy Jolene! Good things come to those who wait.

  2. A~

    Yes, it was very quick in the beginning we felt it was important to slow down for the children and to make sure it was going to last. Both coming from bad marriages.


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