Friday, January 7, 2011

Tonight's Apprehension

Before I had children, I always thought that the toddler years was going to be the most challenging. Bahahahaha was I ever naive!

The toddler years kept you running but most challenging would definitely be teens and early adults. I keep thinking to myself "Remember to with the good deep inhale, out with the bad exhale." I do believe no matter how good the kid is, teens and early adulthood is the worse. Now I wonder, will a parent ever worry less about their child at no matter what age the child is? We will see what February brings. Hopefully more peace and tranquility.

Tonight while I was driving from the high school to pick up Emily from work then to McDonald's to pick up dinner for Joshua, then back to the high school to drop of dinner for Joshua that I will have only 7 more years of public schooling after this year. 7 more years!!!! That is not much time at all. Wowszer! I never really thought about that...only 7 more years. I have had a son in school for 16 years straight now and to think only 7 more.

Back when this all started in elementary school, I thought I was going to be at the same school for 16 years but we moved after 10 years of being at the same school. Now, I realized that I will have someone in high school for 14 years straight with the way the boys are spaced.

I'm still in shock... 7 years. Where did time go? It seems like it has been forever yet on other hand it went fast.

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