Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

WOO HOO today is my Friday at work. I have Thursday and Friday off and our office is closed on Monday. This will give me a 5 day weekend or vacation however you want to look at it.

WOO HOO for this Saturday being our last of Christmas for the 2010 year. We are getting together with Todd's side of the family. WOO HOO his mother is feeling better. She is going to be in pain for awhile but she is up and moving and doing things again. She gave us all a little scare there. I still can not imagine how painful 8 broken ribs would be. WOO HOO because of the celebration I get to bake more goodies. I always send some home with them, so this time I am going to try some different things I have not made in the past and they just may be part of my regular Christmas baking in the future.

WOO HOO for me getting one large bill out of the way. Joshua's Spain trip. This will be most of his graduation gift as well. It will be early but it will count. He will be leaving in March. WOO HOO that he will have the opportunity to apply for The University of Iowa. Hopefully I will have a WOO HOO for Matthew next week regarding his college classes this next semester.

WOO HOO things have been going well for Kera and David. I do not know the way things are looking he might just be moving up here next month and then they will get their own place. WOO HOO she will be here when the baby is born. I know this is selfish but I sort of hope they stay here for awhile. I would love to be near our grandchild. In March she will have her ultrasound and she is hoping she will learn the sex then as well. WOO HOO she will be announcing her pregnancy to her grandmother this weekend. Then we will be able to talk about it.

WOO HOO I have only 3 more drawers in the Kitchen to organize. They are the 3 junk drawers. I would love to have only 1 junk drawer but we have too much junk. ha ha ha I am hoping to find something else that I can put in one of the drawers that would make sense to store. I will have to see what I can come up with. WOO HOO Todd wants to paint the Kitchen and he has the urge to do so. First I have to figure out the easiest way to remove wall paper.

WOO HOO I have a new follower and new people commenting on my blogs. I like the fact that people out there are commenting and following.

WOO HOO someone is looking at my PPND posting weekly. I do not know who you are but I would love for you to leave comments. I know you are from parts of the world that no one is known to have this disease. It would be great to know if you are researching for the families that have it or what.

That's all I have folks this week in the WOO HOO department.

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