Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Woo Hoo this week is nearly done as a work week. It has been odd the past two days without Dawn but we have been very busy so it makes it easier.

Woo Hoo my goal for January- Organization/De-Cluttering the Kitchen is nearly done. I only have 2 junk drawers left.

Woo Hoo for my husband being my support. It feels great knowing my very best friend, lover, husband is there for me no matter what. Woo Hoo that I am talking about one person. bahahahahaha

Woo Hoo my sweetheart went out on Monday and bought our ceiling paint for the the Kitchen as well as spackling to fix the holes left from the fluorescent light fixture. He also walked in with a new ceiling fan that I thought we were going to wait for another month or two. I guess he is more anxious about starting the Kitchen then I am. Woo Hoo we will be painting the ceiling this Saturday and taking the fan blade in to purchase paint to match the blade. This color will be what we paint our cupboards. I also want to hold it up against the color I chose for the walls to make sure it will go well. We talked about getting a medallion to put around the base of our new light because we noticed the ceiling was not flush with the base. He picked this up as well. Woo Hoo... seriously Woo Hoo I get to paint it tomorrow night. I enjoy doing things like this. I love how I put him in the mood to remodel the Kitchen without really trying. Oh, do not get me wrong, I have been wanting the inside painted for some time with both of us picking out the color. The Kitchen started by me organizing/de-cluttering and asking for a new light fixture on the current ceiling fan to have more light in the Kitchen. Woo Hoo for poor lighting. LOL

Woo Hoo the upstairs is Christmas free. This weekend the first floor will be as well. I am tired of seeing Christmas now. I love my decorations but I am so ready to paint and put some colors on the walls.

Woo Hoo Matthew was able to start back to college for the next semester. The kid had me sweating bullets for him. Not that I wanted him out because I enjoyed chatting with him. I just did not want him to have to give up his dream because of procrastination. He started his classes yesterday and right now is in the right frame of mind to do well.

Woo Hoo my conversation with Ethan seemed to work. I have seen my old Ethan the snuggler back this week. I know he will have hormones issue every now and then but I hope for the most part he is over being mad at the world 95% of the time. I would much rather him be mad at the world only 5% of the time. Alright, IF I had my druthers he would never be mad at the world but common he is human.

That is all I have blog world. I am pooped from this past weekend and my rear is dragging this week so I will sign off for now.

One important Woo Hoo I nearly forgot. Woo Hoo for friends. I do not think I would have made it through the week if it were not for you all. Lifting me up and supporting me. Thank you!

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