Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Woo Hoo for dance lessons last night! Oh I love dance class. I think 2 years ago when Todd signed us up for dance lessons as a birthday gift for me was the best gift I could have ever ever received. I think it was even better then my engagement ring. Not that I do not love being married to him, but this birthday gift the dancing provides us so many things in our life. It provides exercise to us, it provides quality time out for us, it provides an opportunity to meet other couples with similar interest, it provides a time for us to get away from our routine life, it provides time for us to get away from the kids from time to time, it provides entertainment to us (we laugh a lot at class and even at dances.), and it provides a positive thing to our children that their parent/step parent interact in a healthy way. Woo Hoo for Ballroom/Social Dancing. We are in the final class now, but I do see us retaking this class multiple times. Last night we heard one couple say it was their 4th time taking it because they felt that they did not get all the moves down. I stated in my previous blog yesterday incorrectly by the time we are done with this session we will have the knowledge of 12 different dances. To be honest, I am not looking forward to the ballroom polka. I am a little worried about the bouncing on my knee, but I will figure out a way to adapt that one.

Woo Hoo for the TANGO! I love this one. I can not say it is my favorite but it ranks up there. What I love the best is we stay tuned with one another right from the start. It seemed easy to pick up the basic where it seemed like we either struggled or had to work on the basic with the other dances. Oh I am sure there will be some difficult moves taught to us later but to understand and walk away the first night with a new dance and feel and know you mastered the new step is a first for us. Our instructors even watched our footwork and nodded to me with a smile, another first.

Woo Hoo for Matthew getting the money for his schooling. He received it one day before it was due to the financial department. Woo Hoo that he has someone motivating him to get to his 8 o'clock classes. Woo Hoo that he is in the orchestra with the University. It is not their main one for the music majors but one for those who want to play still. I can not wait to go to the concert. I miss hearing orchestra. One of my favorite memories with Matthew and a few years for Joshua and Ethan as well, they just did not stick with it like Matthew did.

Woo Hoo for Joshua's Larger Groups Speech getting a great rating at Districts, this advancing them to State in two weeks. He is super excited and feels that one of the two groups should even advance further then State. I hope so because this is his Senior year. Woo Hoo for his swing choir group getting 3rd at their last competition too. This is his first time with swing choir winning this high. He said they have a good chance at getting 1st or 2nd at the next competition in two weeks as well.

Woo Hoo for Ethan doing what he needs to for his school grades.

Woo Hoo Kera is looking for an apartment for her and David. More Woo Hoo that David is coming because I think Kera needs this for their relationship while she is pregnant. If they are going to make this happen being in the same state would be helpful. Woo Hoo it's here and not Florida, this way we can be around the baby more.

That's it for the Woo Hoos for this week. I hope you have a Woo Hoo Wednesday too!

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  1. You've inspired me. I'm going to check in our area and see if there are any couples dance classes offered near us. I know of one, but it's an hour drive, and I don't have time for that. This sounds so fun!


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