Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where's Logan Titler?

Back in 1996 when I was pregnant with my son Ethan, my children were going to a home babysitter. Matthew was 6 years and Joshua was 3 years. Joshua had a little friend there named Logan. The two would do everything together while they were there and when he came home he would constantly talk about Logan. I took 6 weeks off when I had Ethan so the boys stayed home with me as well, Joshua would still constantly talk about Logan.. I would take Matthew to school and enjoy the time with Joshua and Ethan. Joshua would constantly talk to anyone in the room. He would even talk to his self when no one was in the room. One day I walked into his bedroom and he was just laughing so hard. I asked him what was so funny. He shared to me that Logan was being silly. I asked if he was remembering a time when Logan did something at Marge's house. He then so seriously told me "No, Mommy. I am not talking about that Logan. I am talking about Logan Titler." It was then I realized my son had an imaginary friend named Logan as well.

Logan did everything with him even after I returned to work, Logan would go to the babysitter with him. Sometimes while I was driving I would hear him scream "Watch out Logan! You are going to hit that tree." The first time I heard him say this I asked him what was Logan doing? He explained he was riding a skateboard and almost hit the tree, from that point on I would comment every now and then when he would scream out, "Well Logan should get into the car because he is too young to be on the street like that." This would just make Joshua smile. He liked the fact that I was looking out for his friend Logan. One day we as a family were going to see my grandmother. We were not very far from home when Joshua screamed out "Don't Matthew!" and started to bawl.

The episode went like this:
God Awful Scream and Blood Chilling Cry.
Me: "What is going on back there?" with an angry face. For God sake it was in the car nearing a busy intersection.
Joshua: "Matthew.." hyperventilating trying to get a breath of air into his lungs. "Matthew threw Logan out of the car!" Joshua continues to bawl.
Mike (the boys' father): "Joshua, stop bawling right now!"
I look over at Matthew and he has this devilish smile of guilt. I look out the window.
Me: "Joshua, he must have not fallen out, I don't see him there."
Joshua: "He is out there. I see him back there!" Wahhh Wahhh Wahhh
Me: "Mike, pull over to the side for a moment please. This will be quick." I roll down the window and yell out. "Logan hurry, run quick. Hurry up get in here." I then turn to look at Joshua. "There, now he is back in the car. Matthew, please do not do that again. Logan is very important to Joshua." Mike bust up laughing at me.
Matthew: "Well he is not real." in his cute little voice.
Joshua: "He is too real!"
Me: "Matthew, he is real to Joshua so we need to respect that." I then quickly rolled up the window because it was winter out.
Joshua: "Thank you Mommy." sniffle sniffle

Logan faded after Joshua started pre-school the next year. He must have served his purpose when he was around more children. When we moved to Iowa City six years ago, I teased Joshua asking him if he thought Logan Titler knew we were moving. He just had this huge smile and laughed. I am currently working on scanning old photos of Joshua for his slide show that will be playing at his graduation open house party. I think I might have to drive by that intersection and take a picture of it when I am in Des Moines next. I think it would be nice to add to his slide show with the caption: "Where's Logan Titler?" I imagine Joshua would find this humorous as well and love the thought. I think I will definitely have do to do this.

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