Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday 22

I am so ready for Spring... to start my seedlings for our gardens.  This is one of our cucumber gardens.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday Confessional


It's that time of week for Friday Confessional.  Please join Mamarazzi and Glamazon for confession!

I confess...

I have been so exhausted the past two weeks from getting so little sleep and painting the cupboards.  This lack of sleep has made me feel I look more like this every day or at least it feels like I look this way at the end of the day.

I confess...

Due to my lack of sleep I actually wore my underwear inside out one day to work. I found out right before lunch time when I had to use the restroom.  I chose to continue to wear them inside out because I felt it would be more odd if I took my pants off in a tiny stall at work just to fix my underwear.

I confess...

This is not the first time I had problems with dressing myself.

(Below has been copied from another blog I entered on date was 9/7/10)

You know life gives us so many moments that you just have to laugh at oneself. While I'm laughing at myself, I might as well share with you all, you never know... you might need a good laugh as well today. We have enough hurdles in our lives and I am a strong believer of laughing at least once a day. ( I actually try to do more since I'm fighting the blues.)

Now on to my newest adventure... I'm starting to think I might becoming a little tad of an air head. LOL

Yesterday, my husband offered to take me to breakfast. We went to Hy-Vee (our grocery store) for breakfast and then picked up some groceries for dinner. While I was getting dressed I noticed that my jeans were very tight in the thighs and stomach area. I thought to myself, you got to be kidding! I know I'm retaining water but to make it this uncomfortable didn't make sense. I thought, I have to start working out the upper thighs and stomach a little more other then what I have been doing. Off we went to Hy-Vee. I was proud of my breakfast hash browns, fried eggs and 1 slice of wheat toast with a small carton of skim milk and water. We finished breakfast we started to pick up things for our dinner that evening. While we were in the meat department, my supervisor tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention and tell me hello then off on her way. We strolled through the store in no rush at all.

After going home, I put the groceries away and then decided to unload the dishwasher and reload. Once again, I noticed how uncomfortable the jeans were. I thought to myself that as soon as I am done with this I am getting out of them and getting my shorts on. I grabbed my shorts and went into the bathroom. I pulled my jeans down and just started to laugh and laugh. Todd asked me what is going on. I could not even answer him because I was laughing so hard. I was actually crying from laughing so hard. When I was done with the bathroom, I stepped out and told him how uncomfortable my jeans were and it was not until just then when I pulled my pants down to use the restroom that I noticed EXACTLY WHY!!!! I had my jeans on backwards. Oh My Goodness!!! I went out in public had breakfast, grocery shopped, stood and talked to my supervisor with my jeans on backwards.

Life Lesson...look in the mirror before stepping out.

I confess...

I do not only have problems with clothing when I am exhausted but even brushing my teeth.

I believe there is a pattern here and I do need to head to bed so I can get some rest.  I hope all have a wonderful weekend.

What do you have to confess?

Large Group Speech

Larger Group Speech is a form of acting...acting in it's purest form. Here is a list of categories and description.

Musical Theater... this is where a group 3-6 students act/sing 3 songs from a musical. Only props: up to 6 chairs and a table. Lines must be memorized

Improv Group... 3-6 students acting. This group draws an idea and has 3 minutes to prepare a 5 minute act. Only props; up to 6 chairs and a table. Lines must be memorized

Ensemble Group... 3-6 students acting. Skit should be 15 minutes. Only props; up to 6 chairs and a table. Lines must be memorized.

One Act Play... up to 12 students acting. Skit should be 35 minutes. Stage props are allowed as well as costumes. Lines must be memorized

Choral Reading... up to 12 students. This group can read off of a script. They can have multiple people reading the same line at the same time. They use their bodies to portray movement, they can use very limited props.

Joshua has always loved performing and making people laugh. He has always wanted to be the center of attention...not in a bad way but entertaining way. I never heard of 'Large Group Speech' until Joshua's Sophomore year. He tried out and hoped to be placed in one of the Improv Groups He made the One Act Team. He was still just as excited. 2009 the skit was 'The Bible in 30 minutes or Less' It was a very cute skit. They received a '1' rating at Districts and went on to State. They received a '2' rating and that was the end of Large Group Speech for 2009.

(Here is a small part of the One Act Play that Joshua was part of 'The Bible In 30 Minutes Or Less' 
This portion is the story of Moses, Joshua, Jacob through Ruth. )

The following year, Joshua's Junior year he tried out again. Still hoping for Improv or one of the Ensembles as well. Joshua did make one of the Ensembles. The name of their skit was 'Mere Mortals' . It was a very funny one. At District's the received a '1' rating and went to State. There they did not quite make a score high enough to move on to 'All State' but they did receive 'Honorable Mention for All State'

One again this year Joshua tried out again hoping for Improv or Ensemble. He came home after the try outs and felt great. He was sure he nailed it, when the casting call came out he was very disappointed, he made Choral Reading. Typically the past two years, they are the worse group. They do not have a good reputation of moving on. After practice started he was excited. Someone new was coaching the Choral Reading and he said it was going to be a very good one this year, they were also going adapt 'The Odyssey'. His coach was very impressed with Joshua so he suggested him to be asked to be an extra in one of the Ensembles, 'Open Window'. His coach is active with the Community Theater as well and asked Joshua if he would be one of the extras with the upcoming production that will be performed at the Englert Theater at the end of February. Joshua is excited to be doing this. He is now acting outside of the high school level and he is thrilled. This years Large Group, the Choral Reading was excellent. The best I have ever seen. It was actually one of my top two favorites of the 2011 shows. They did an awesome job. They received a '1' rating at Districts and moved on to State. The Ensemble 'Open Window' was funny but I thought the British accent at times was too thick and hard to understand. This group received a '1' rating at Districts and moved on to State as well.

At State Choral Reading 'The Odyssey' advanced to All State Competition.  List below is the last part of the Choral Reading.

The group did not win the Director's Choice which means they would be 1st in the State, however they were proud for going this far.  The first Choral Reading group for Iowa City, City High.  Their group was the first to perform and here is what the judge had to say about their performance.

"I want anybody who is involved in Choral Reading in the state of Iowa to take this as a standard.  This is a wonderful model of the simplicity of the little careful careful touches that can bring the mind together to create a fabulous experience."

Wednesday Woo Hoos

This weeks Woo Hoo was posted late...I have not been to bed yet from Wednesday night so I will count this as Wednesday although it is technically Thursday.  I have some important Woo Hoos that I need to get in.  I was not able to post it earlier because my husband just left to go to work and I was napping with him.

Woo Hoo Kera had an ultrasound today.  My first grandchild will be a boy.  She is nearly half there now.

I heard from my mom today.  She gave me wonderful news that I thought I would never hear, well at least not this soon.  The biggest and loudest WOO HOO... Miranda walked tonight.  Yes, you read that right.  WOO HOO she walked.  She had her leg braces on and she walked in a baby walker, several steps too.  My sister plans on getting a child walker and my mom and sister will take her to the mall after Miranda's sisters are in school and walk the mall.  This way she will not have any carpet hindering her.  My heart is leaping with JOY with this news, especially one day after finding out that she was diagnosed with Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy.   WOO HOO!!!!

Woo Hoo the weekend is nearly hear.  We plan on working on the kitchen some on Saturday and then head off to our one night get away.  We have a suite reserved with a jacuzzi and I can not wait for the jacuzzi and the luxury of a suite.  Woo Hoo for his mother being so gracious to use her comp she has build up to get this room free for us.  We then will go to the community musical play to watch Joshua perform. He has a minor roll in it but it is his first community play.

What are your Woo Hoos this week?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This week's Wordless Wednesday will be to honor my niece.  We finally have been told her diagnosis.  It only took them 2 years and 3 months but the outcome is:  Born with Spina Bifda.  She has epilepsy and cerebral palsy.  She will have a rough road to live but she is totally beautiful to me.  Love you so Miranda!

This is linked to 5 Minutes for Moms

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday/ Tuesday Tips

Once again this week I have been working on the kitchen make-over. I did manage to clean our refrigerator out as well. It was demanding my attention. Actually it was screaming at us every time the door was opened. I thought that I would finally post my Tuesday tip for Refrigerator/Freezer and Storage with my Tuesday Tackle.

This week’s tip will be for the Refrigerator/Freezer and storage. This is a huge nemesis of mine in my house. We are a large family and it is rather difficult at times to find space for the food purchased as well as leftovers. Plain and simple it is an ongoing war with me, the refrigerator typically wins. Thank goodness we have a pantry or I would not have enough cupboard space for sure. One of my goals by the end of next month is to organize said pantry. It is driving me nuts since we are missing a door for the pantry everyone can see into this messy pit. Icky!!! Our poor pantry is used for more then food it is also home for canning supplies and appliances. Organization is needed there. In my house we also have someone that is overly paranoid of opened food so I have to have knowledge on this to comfort this person when she starts to worry.


Your food is properly refrigerated at temperatures between 35-40 degrees F or 2-6 degrees C.


Your food is properly frozen at temperatures between -4 and 4 degrees F or -20 and -15 degrees C. Your food also needs to be in an air tight container or sealed bag.

Dry Storage:

Your dry food should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark storage area. Your open bags should always be closed or transferred into an air tight storage container.

Dates stamped on containers have several different meaning; it all depends on what the date is stamped for. Regardless of what the date is on the container if the quality is not satisfactory to you simply by smell and taste, toss it out.


This can be found on perishables like milk, poultry, fish, and meat. This date is a record for the store to know how long they can keep the items displayed for that product. You should always try to buy the product before the sell-by date for these particular items. You can still store them at home for some time beyond the date on the container as long as you follow safe storage procedures. For instance milk that has been continuously refrigerated will usually remain drinkable for about one week after the sell-by date. You can also store group beef in your refrigerator for 1-2 days after purchasing it, even if the sell-by date expires during this time.

Expires On:

The Federal Government only required an expiration date on infant formula and some baby products at this time. You should never use any product that is past an expiration date.

Baby Food: Last 1-3 days in the refrigerator once it has been opened.

Pasta Sauce: Last 5 days once opened.

Mayonnaise: Last 2 months once opened.

Cheese: Last 1-4 weeks once opened. Softer cheeses generally have a shorter life then the harder cheeses. Your best sign for cheese is mold and smell for an ammonia odor.

Eggs: Last 3-5 weeks after you put them in the refrigerator. ***TIP*** never keep your eggs in the front of the refrigerator even if there are compartments fro them. They tend to spoil sooner there. You should always place the eggs, milk, and raw food in the back of the refrigerator because it is the coolest area inside.

Leftovers: Last 3-4 days

I found a website that was very informative on how long different types of food will keep. I definitely plan on sharing this with my worrier in our house.

***TIP***Storing opened cans in the refrigerator used to be a big problem and may still depending on your can. If your can is made of steel (most are not any more.) or not lined with the plastic coating bacteria can grow in the cans and cause food poisoning.

Cleaning the Refrigerator:

You never want to use any harsh or abrasive cleaners inside or on the seal of your refrigerator. My mother would always use this home remedy solution when cleaning the refrigerator. It works great and it eliminates any odor if you have any. ¼ cup of baking soda to 1 quart of warm water. This will whiten and sanitize it as well as remove odor. If you use a soapy mixture make sure you rinse well and dry it off with a clean towel to remove all traces of soap. I always keep a box of baking soda opened in my refrigerator. I truly believe it does help eliminate odor. Simply replace every 3 months with a new box of baking soda.

This has been posted on 5 Minutes for Moms.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I am very happy I have today off, it will be our last holiday until May though.  I plan on working on the house.  The kitchen is nearly done. The floor needs to be laid today and then it will be just a lot of little things.  It is coming together nicely.  I can not wait until it is done, I am tired of painting in the kitchen. I am tired of hearing Kera yell about the smell and her dirty looks.

I enjoyed spending time with my mom on Saturday.  I wish she lived closer or gas was less expensive.  I did not see any of my sisters but I was okay with that.  I had my mom all to myself and enjoyed time with her, nothing against my sisters.  We went to Joshua's Choral Reading competition and then spent a few hours at her place. I was able to cut out all the squares for Kera's baby's quilt I will be making someday after all the painting is done.

I had a fun time driving back with Ethan and Noah.  We basically were silly all the way home for the 2 hour drive.  I think they had a great time too. Ethan then went to a Valentine's Party.  I can not believe he is growing up and next year will be in high school.  What a weird feeling, I will have 2 in college, 1 in high school, and my baby's last year in elementary.  Time is flying by so fast with the younger two.

Todd is going to make reservations for a room next Saturday.  He felt we deserved some time away to ourselves after working so hard in the kitchen since January 15th and time away from the stress at home.  Right now we have a lot of typical young adult and teenage stress.  I have to admit, sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed other times it seems like a piece of cake with assisting their issues and demands.

I actually was able to sleep in this morning.  I went to bed last night around 9:30 but then woke up near 11:20 and was up another hour to an hour and a half.  I slept until 9:45 this morning.  My worn out body needed it.  It was great not having to wake up early to take someone somewhere or go somewhere myself.

I feel horrible that I have fallen behind on several blogs I follow because a lot of my spare time is working on the kitchen right now and trying to keep up with the laundry some.  Hopefully this week the kitchen will be done and then the house will come to order.  The last of the Christmas decorations will come down and we will start painting the main living room next and the foyers.  We picked up some of the laminate wood flooring for the foyer as well.  I will be so happy to be rid of the white linoleum in the kitchen and the foyer.  The only one left is our bathroom, but I do not see that on replaced anytime soon, that would required lifting the toilet and Todd absolutely hates doing that.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Confessional


This Friday Confessional is linked to Mamarazzi and Glamazon

I confess…

I totally miss staying at home during the day and working nights. I do not miss the lack of sleep but I miss being home with the boys, going places with them, and making sure their homework is done. The younger two spend way too much time on video games, more then the older two because it is harder for me to enforce since I am now working days.

I confess…

I totally miss doing crafts and artwork. I am going to try to add something I have made in each room after re-doing each room. The main living room will be one of my photos nothing big, but will fit in with the other wall hangings. I love what I did for the kitchen, now I have to find something creative for the bathroom when it is done.

I confess…

Although I am thrilled we are making-over the kitchen, I just want it done. I have not had time to get the Christmas decorations down in the main living room and it is totally bugging me now. Very much so, that when I come in from the garage, I nearly dash through so I will not see it any longer. Our last Christmas celebration was January 15th, I took everything down the next day on our second floor and planned to get to the main floor the following week, but we started the kitchen that weekend, stripping wall paper. If it were not for the fact that I want my kitchen in order, remove the kitchen things out of my small living room (which is totally bugging me as well) I would say…hold on, let us tackle the living room. Game plan for this weekend will be finish the kitchen except for the cupboards, THEN it will be the main living room’s turn.

I confess…

I am feeling very lonely for friendship lately. I have my husband who is my very best friend but I miss female friendship. I find myself jealous of others online, seeing their interactions. I find myself jealous of the younger co-workers talking about going out and their adventures the next day. I KNOW I should not be jealous but I AM. What is wrong with me? Seriously? Jealousy is not a good characteristic.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Some days words are
not needed at all!

It's all in the look.

This has been posted to 5 Minutes for Moms

Wednesday Woo Hoo

Wow! What a wonderful night last night was Woo Hoo for Valentine's Day. I love the concept of celebrating LOVE. I show my love every day and that is the way I feel it should be, but Valentine's Day is special to me. I was not able to bake the Valentine's Day Cookies like I wanted because of the Kitchen Make Over, I will have to play catch up with that. Woo Hoo my boys still get excited over their little heart boxes of candy from me. I made their favorite dinner prior to Todd taking me out to eat.

Woo Hoo for 3 Samaria. I love their sushi.

Woo Hoo for dance class last night. Woo Hoo our instructor was in a good mood. Woo Hoo I mustard enough energy from somewhere to be able dance last night as well, however I just about fell asleep at dinner.

Woo Hoo I think we picked up the last of the supplies for the kitchen minus the new counter tops. I am so anxious to have this room completed so we can move on to the next room. I am definitely going to pick the main living room next because it will be less work then the main bathroom. Maybe the main bathroom can be done after both living rooms, this way we do not have two big projects back to back.

Woo Hoo we have a long weekend because of President's Day. This will give us time to hopefully finish the kitchen.

Woo Hoo my good friend/work daughter is pregnant. She has been trying for over a year. I am so thrilled for her. She means a lot to me, it's funny because two weeks before she found out, I said a little prayer for her. Woo Hoo... and here she is pregnant! When she told me I nearly jumped with excitement for her. I did not because she did not want it out there yet.

Woo Hoo I am doing a little bit of crafting/art. I really miss doing this. Woo Hoo soon I will be cross stitching again as well. Something for the baby.

Woo Hoo for the coming Saturday. I am excited to go see my mom and very excited to see Joshua's performance again. He was told they are a contender for Director's Choice. If they do win the Director's Choice then they will be number one in the state. How exciting to know you are at least a contender. What a wonderful feeling for him during his senior year.

What do you have to Woo Hoo about?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

My tackle this week (no pictures because the kitchen is not completed yet) is painting the cupboards. This was a 3 1/2 day project beginning Thursday afternoon. I now know we have 23 cupboard doors, 10 drawers, a built-in microwave shelf, and 1 broken lazy susan (hopefully this will be repaired this fall when we replace the counter tops.). We had to prime everything first with a oil base primer then paint the color desired. I could only paint 7 doors at one time, it took 1 hour basically to paint one side then wait for 2 hours in order to flip the door over to paint the other side, wait again 2 hours then apply the paint, and finally 2 hours later flip and paint the final side. In all it took 12 hours for 7 doors. While I waited for drying time, I would prime the cabinets fixed to the walls and wait for it to dry, then paint. Trust me by Sunday evening I was more then excited when I stroked the brush for the last time. Unfortunately after they dried, hung, and the natural light hitting them I see areas that need to be touched up. ***sigh*** Fortunately that will not take as much time as painting all the doors.

Today my darling husband will take down all the cupboards because after they were all hung we both decided that the hinges would look nicer if they were white, soooo tonight we will pick up paint to paint them white. This should not take as long. We also will be picking up the crown molding (nothing fancy) as well as some trim that split when we took it off. It will then need painted and hopefully tomorrow or the next day it will be hung. As for painting, we still need to paint the back door and the new pantry doors as well. Our goal is to have it floor installed on Monday and then it will be completely done until the counter top is installed. Next week's tackle will be completion and photos included.

Here is a link to the Kitchen Plans for colors chosen. I am so excited, then it will be time to paint the main living room…Christmas decorations will be down for sure then. * head hanging in shame* I have not made time to take them down since we have been working on the kitchen all month.

This has been posted on 5 Minutes for Moms.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I am so exhausted from painting all weekend. Ohhh my goodness…my butt is vibrating. LOL I have my cellphone in my back pocket. That totally woke me up.

Work is very busy right now. We expected it we have a large client going through a dependent audit and with the staff reducing it is keeping us very busy. I enjoy being busy but I have no energy from lack of sleep from the past 4 days of painting.

I can not wait to go home to see all the cupboard doors attached. When I left this morning there were only 7 doors. I like what I see so far. I am in hopes that Todd will have the all the trim painted where we can put it up maybe on Wednesday or Thursday because tonight will be out of the question.

This is my favorite holiday. I love Valentine's Day. It is the true reason for the holiday. Oh, I am not saying gifts, flowers, candy, jewelry. I am saying LOVE. I would not be upset if Todd gave me nothing, although now I am used to having flowers delivered to work. If he could not do it, that will be fine. This is a holiday about LOVE. Love between my sweetheart and I and LOVE for the boys as well. It is the one holiday that my father never drank or was abusive. It was the one holiday even when I was married to the boys' father never ruined. There were times in our marriage that he could not afford anything, but that was fine. Today, Todd sent me 14 red roses with a beautiful vase, a small box of candy, and some spa bath products. I love the thought, but what I want the most is snuggle time. Oh and a nice dinner. LOL This will always be the day I cheat on my healthy eating, not of the chocolates, because that will come home and I will share. It is the dinner. Someday I would love to have a romantic dinner for the two of us, but for now that is impossible with all the kids at home.

I wanted to make vlog but the weekend went way too fast in some ways. All I did was paint. I did take time out to watch Big Love, for some reason I really like that show and so does Todd.
Tomorrow is dancing, I hope our instructor is not so cranky tomorrow.

I am anxious for this weekend. I am going to Ames to watch Joshua perform in Large Group Speech. He said it is rumored that they have a good chance at Director's Choice Award. If so then they will be 1st in the State. I hope he does well and is not disappointed if they do not win. All I can say I usually do not care for Choral Reading but I love this one. The entire act captivated the audience and to change someone from not liking something to enjoying says a lot about the piece they chose as well as the director. This weekend I will also visit my mom and cut Kera's baby quilt blocks. Joshua will have his last Swing Choir competition as well. I am not going to see it.

Well this is going to be short because I have to run. Happy Valentine's Everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


My favorite day of the week
Dance Class Night.

I love dancing.
I always enjoyed going to dances
at school and around the house with
the boys when they were little.

BUT when my husband
suggested Ballroom/Social Dancing
for my birthday gift
I could have never even imagined
the enjoyment this gift would
give to both of us.

I have enjoyed all of the dances
so far.
Yes, I had some concerns with a few
A few were down right difficult for me to even get.
My darling husband was ever so
patient and would practice with me
until I understood.
Also Joshua.

I think my favorite so far is the Tango.
Yes, we are just learning it.
I am sure it will become more difficult.
However, I am getting it so far.
It is so nice to catch on from the start.
I love how Todd and I are toned.
He does an excellent job at leading me
with the Tango.
It is the easiest dance so far on my knees.
I love the attitude you can have with the Tango.

Other things I love about dance class is
It gives an opportunity for us to go out and do something.
Quality time with one another.
We get to laugh a lot.

I love to laugh.

I came across this video about 6 months ago
I hope you Enjoy it too!

It is the 'Evolution of Dance' by Judson Laipply

Tonight (I can not sleep) I found a sequel.
It is just as funny.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

I am not going to post a Flashback Friday this week. I just never made the time to look through old photos to post because of working in the Kitchen. Instead this Friday I am going to do Friday Confessional. I got this from Forgetfulone, who joins Mamarazzi and Glamazon.

I confess...

I have some sort of OCD or obsession how things should be in my kitchen. I realized I was this way with my cupboards. It bugs me when others put the dishes away and do not put them inside the same way they took the glasses or dishes out. The glass glasses have to be on the far right and the plastic glasses on the left. DO NOT mix them, for if you do I then arrange them the way correct way. I also found I do the same with the plates,bowls, pots and pans, and the food in the pantry.

I confess...

It is more then just the cupboards and pantry too. When I cook I have to have clean cupboards. I was aware of this whenever it is school break and everyone is home during the day but me. When I come home, I start dinner, however if the cupboards near me are dirty with things on it, I have to clean up first before cooking. This has become a major thing to me with the Kitchen remodeling, so much that I took a day and a half from a full week of vacation planned in May to be home to assist and get the cupboards painted quicker and to feel less guilty for my husband doing all the painting. I honestly want my cupboards done by Saturday.


So with that posted, I am now off to paint some more cupboards. I am in hopes that Sunday I am able to get caught up with laundry and reading blogs I follow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I sit here at work and truly truly want to be at home helping my husband with our kitchen. All the wallpaper is completely off and he took the trim off yesterday. We then took the rest of the evening off for the football game. Today he is home painting the walls white and tomorrow will be the real color of the walls. His goal was to have the Kitchen finished by the time he is off vacation which is Thursday. I do not think it is going to happen. I think painting the kitchen cabinets is going to take longer then he anticipate. I was in hopes that I would be able to ask for time off tomorrow and the next day, his last two full days of his vacation but no luck, we are at staffing level reached.

Emily bought a new car. That will help the stress level some at home. I wish Kera would do the same thing. She needs one as well and truthfully sooner the better since she is nearly half way through her pregnancy. She is going to have an ultrasound on the 23rd and if the baby is in the right position she will know the sex. I am not sure if she will share it immediately or what. She wants to be creative with how she is going to share it. One idea she has is to have the technician put it in an sealed envelope. Take the envelope to a bakery and have them bake a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, however the frosting on the inside would be pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby. She then wanted to have a get together and how we find out including herself will be when the cake is sliced. We all will see the color of the icing then. Pretty cute idea I must say.

Speaking about the pregnancy, I feel so overwhelmed with this right now. Oh I am excited to be a Grandmother but she keeps putting things on hold for David and David is too wishy washy. She is not any more prepared now then when she first found out she is pregnant because she is waiting on David. This baby is not going to wait on David. I am so worried about her.

Joshua had a wonderful weekend between Large Group Speech and Swing Choir Competition. He found out today that his Large Group Speech group made it to All State Honors. I am so happy for him. I plan on going, so I can get some pictures as well as record his program. It is the best choral reading I have ever seen. I am not just saying that because he is my truly is awesome. Swing Choir did well as you may have read my prior post.

Matthew came and picked up his car after the blizzard. He seems to be getting skinnier. I worry about that kid. He is also doing much better in school. He told me he signed up for the honors apartments, so I hope he gets what he wants and can afford.

Ethan got a hair cut this weekend. I love it. He is so freakin' cute with it. I could not help but take pictures after pictures of him. It drove him insane but I can not help it. He is so adorable. He fell in school on Friday and hurt his wrist but it seemed much better on Sunday.

Noah fell as well on Friday, at the time I thought he did not need to see a doctor for it but I am now having second thoughts since he keeps babying it. He is home sick with some sort of little bug, which is driving Kera to stress and worry about getting it.

I made plans on a couple of video blogs I am going to attempt. One will be for my darling husband for Valentine's Day. I plan to be humorous with it but the boys think I am weird. I will have to post it for your opinions.

I am so exhausted. I think it is because I finally had TOM. Four months with no show, but the bloating, aching was there trust me, especially the bloating. I was starting to feel like I was 3-4 months pregnant. I am so glad TOM appeared, now I feel more normal but tired.

I can not wait for Spring. I am so anxious to start our gardens. I am anxious to see green grass again, smell the dirt, listen to the birds chirping and feeding from our feeder.

Noah was sick yesterday...I think I am catching it. This is horrible. I pray it will hold out until the weekend, but it is only Monday. I can not take any time off without being planned or I will get into trouble, not until August. That means, I will have to go to work throwing up. Sick I know but when you are at a place where there will be more cut backs, you have no choice.

Talking about work and missing time. I can not believe what I found out. The next time we have a possibility of a bad storm like last week where they do send us home early, they are going to make my department stay in a hotel next to us, not even a block away that way we can be at work the next day answering the phones. REALLY???? What is happening to the company I work for? Oh, how you do not think of your employees at all. All other departments will get to go home but us.

Oh My Goodness...I still have my Christmas decorations up in the main Living Room. What is wrong with me? Seriously! This must come down this weekend.

I came home to see my ceramic fork and spoon arrived. Yippee!!!! I am so excited for the Kitchen. I picked up my plates and platter that I will be decorating for the wall today. I also found the curtains I want to put up in there as well. It is simple material that I will be able to find something to match to make the curtain for the door. I think Todd is just as excited as I am about the Kitchen. I hope he feels the same way when we start the Living Room next, then the Bathroom.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Swing Choir

Joshua's high school has two swing choirs. A prep choir and the one the main swing choir... 4th Avenue Jazz. Last night was the second competition this season and the kid's won Grand Champion, Best Combo, Best Choreography, Best Vocals, and Outstanding Male Soloist. I wish I recorded two other songs that I thought were outstanding as well. I have to admit this year's choreography is so much better then last year. I am glad he is ending on a good note his Senior year.

Super Bowl Sunday

*echoing fades away as if my bedroom is in some sort of arena bowl*

So what does that mean?
Well, typically it means Todd is away with his fantasy football buddies having a Super Bowl Party.
The winner of the league picks the main entree.

This year is Todd's year.

I am so proud of my hubby.
He won the entire thing this year.
His first. *insert smile ear to ear*

The group had a low number of people who would be attending the party.
As well as no one volunteering their Man Cave.
The party was canceled.

This year he will party here at home.
Some Kitchen Make-Over work is done.

We will have our little Shindig here at home.

Just us... melting pot of Titlers/Evans

We Todd is going to attempting to make a Fatty.
He found this on some smoking forum
When he starts to smoke meat it will be called Smoking A Fatty.
Hmm... not the bad smoking a fatty
or could it be?

Health (weight/diet) wise it will be bad.
Lung wise perfectly fine.
Oh My Gosh!
Fatty because of the calories!
Definitely will make someone a fatty if they eat this often.

We also had fried mushrooms, jalapeno and cream cheese poppers, and cheese sticks.
For dessert, fresh baked cookies.

Oh and we had to have a dip
Pickle Wrap Dip.
One of my favorites.

Go team with the yellow pants!
Go, Fight, Win!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


February 1, it started to snow. Actually it was more then snow, it was a blizzard.Now with winds of 60-80 miles per hour it does not matter how much snow you have, you are going to have drifts.

It is common (or not so common but heard of) that schools will close or delay, typically we grown ups do no have snow days. We have to manage our way to work in hopes of not getting stuck or sliding into other cars. I have worked 6 years at the place I am working now, during this 6 years the office has closed early on 3 occasions. The first was a precaution that amounted to nothing. The second was two years ago and well, they still waited too late because we had to dig one another out and push each other's vehicle to make it out of the parking lot. I have no idea how the last person managed to get out. We had 13 inches of snowfall that time. The third was on Tuesday, February 1. We had 3 inches of snow overnight and the blizzard was suppose to hit us with the highest accumulation starting between 3-7 pm but the winds were suppose to pick up big time during the night and through Wednesday. Our office chose to close at 3 pm. The ride home was much better then the ride to work. Joshua had to work 4-9 pm. Seriously? Who would go shopping during the middle of the blizzard? He was there only 2 hours and the grocery store decided to close due to the weather by 7 pm, so I drove out to get him. The roads were already getting drifts and our street was terrible. The grocery store's parking lot was worse. I got stuck a few times in the parking lot. I managed to make it back home but could not get the car all the way up the drive. Todd and Joshua cleared the drive but there was some ice under the car tires that prevented it. Todd asked me how the roads were and I told him, this made him decide to head into work early. He works at the dispatch center, it is a job that will NEVER close down. He ended up 3 hours early for his shift and they needed every living body. At one time during that night/early morning they had 48 calls on hold with 8 people working every station. 48 calls! We had the National Guard Reserves here in Iowa City to assist. Assist they did, by the time they were able to get to one motorist that was stranded, they were overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning. The winds blew a drift blocking the tail pipe. Lesson learned, while stranded in your car, you should check your exhaust pipe every 30 minutes to make sure it stays clear. Todd had to stay over because the 1st shift was unable to make it in. My work place chose to delay opening our office until Noon. Management called each of us to see if we could make it in the office. Ummm.... this picture is the middle of my street right outside my drive way. What do you think? Yes, the entire snow shovel blade was buried. Now remember we have drifts on top of this.

Enough of us said "No" that they ended up closing for the day. Todd could not make it on our street. Well, not further then 3 houses onto our street. The boys had to go and dig him out, he then had to drive and park it at the grocery store and walk home. Typically it is a 25 minute walk but this day it was a 45 minute walk because he was walking in 16 inches or higher snow.
The view after we opened our garage door.
After the snow was removed in our drive and a pathway cleared to the front door.My son's car was buried.

After my son's car was dug out.
Yep, another car is buried under the snow.
This one is Emily's.
This is a picture the day after.
After the sun cleared up some of the snow on our sidewalk.
Yes, that is 16 plus inches of a snow wall.
We live on a culdesac. The curve part.
The snow plows never can get near the curb always leaving us to have to dig the snow out in front of our mailbox or we do not get mail.

Our blizzard left us 16 inches of snow, the most snow in one snowfall in 25 years in the city where I live. So what does 16 inches of snow looks like after they clear the streets? Well take a look.

This picture I did not zoom at all. This is taken from inside my car while I was going to go pick up Joshua from school on Friday, February 4th. Now not all streets are as bad as this but there are enough that are. This is the view I had looking to my left. Yep, you can not see any on coming cars at all.
It looks like no cars are coming right?
Wrong! I only knew it was coming because of my window
being rolled down to take the picture.
The car was loud so I heard it.

And the view to my right, it is not any better.

I had to guess if a car was coming or not. Actually, to my right I was good but the left had cars and a school bus coming, so I had to wait to get out while the front end was blocking the lane of the on coming cars from my right. Needless to say they were angry with me, but what is someone to do if they can not see. Mental note, I will not use this side street again until snow has melted.

This is what parts of the grocery store looked like.

The high school lost 40-45 parking spots.

Guess what folks?! Another storm system is suppose to hit us this Sunday dumping another 3-6 inches then the Arctic temperatures are suppose to hit us for nearly a week. Which adds up to more blind spots for a longer time because nothing will melt with Arctic temperatures.

**UPDATE... Not much accumulation now for the new snow fall.***

He Loves Me