Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

I am not going to post a Flashback Friday this week. I just never made the time to look through old photos to post because of working in the Kitchen. Instead this Friday I am going to do Friday Confessional. I got this from Forgetfulone, who joins Mamarazzi and Glamazon.

I confess...

I have some sort of OCD or obsession how things should be in my kitchen. I realized I was this way with my cupboards. It bugs me when others put the dishes away and do not put them inside the same way they took the glasses or dishes out. The glass glasses have to be on the far right and the plastic glasses on the left. DO NOT mix them, for if you do I then arrange them the way correct way. I also found I do the same with the plates,bowls, pots and pans, and the food in the pantry.

I confess...

It is more then just the cupboards and pantry too. When I cook I have to have clean cupboards. I was aware of this whenever it is school break and everyone is home during the day but me. When I come home, I start dinner, however if the cupboards near me are dirty with things on it, I have to clean up first before cooking. This has become a major thing to me with the Kitchen remodeling, so much that I took a day and a half from a full week of vacation planned in May to be home to assist and get the cupboards painted quicker and to feel less guilty for my husband doing all the painting. I honestly want my cupboards done by Saturday.


So with that posted, I am now off to paint some more cupboards. I am in hopes that Sunday I am able to get caught up with laundry and reading blogs I follow.


  1. So glad it isn't only me. I am the same way. I mean really how hard is it to put something back the way you found it? lol

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm like that too...I like my dishes right where I put them! My MIL loves to rearrange my dishes when she puts them away at my house. She puts them where she would want them. DRIVES ME CRAZY!

  3. My daughter is the same way about the cupboards! She can't stand when people put stuff in the "wrong" place. So, I told her she could do it every time, but I think she doesn't want to do that, either! LOL

  4. Forgetfulone...LOL... I know! I let the boys and Todd put them away so, I AM NOT THE ONLY but I find the next time I get into it, I re-arrange them. Odd duck I know!

    Rachel and JennyKate...We are definitely not alone. :D

  5. I think every woman has OCD about things in the kitchen! I'm totally the same way about the dishes and food. It takes a lot for me to not go in after my husband puts food away or the dishes. LOL!


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