Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Confessional


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I confess…

I totally miss staying at home during the day and working nights. I do not miss the lack of sleep but I miss being home with the boys, going places with them, and making sure their homework is done. The younger two spend way too much time on video games, more then the older two because it is harder for me to enforce since I am now working days.

I confess…

I totally miss doing crafts and artwork. I am going to try to add something I have made in each room after re-doing each room. The main living room will be one of my photos nothing big, but will fit in with the other wall hangings. I love what I did for the kitchen, now I have to find something creative for the bathroom when it is done.

I confess…

Although I am thrilled we are making-over the kitchen, I just want it done. I have not had time to get the Christmas decorations down in the main living room and it is totally bugging me now. Very much so, that when I come in from the garage, I nearly dash through so I will not see it any longer. Our last Christmas celebration was January 15th, I took everything down the next day on our second floor and planned to get to the main floor the following week, but we started the kitchen that weekend, stripping wall paper. If it were not for the fact that I want my kitchen in order, remove the kitchen things out of my small living room (which is totally bugging me as well) I would say…hold on, let us tackle the living room. Game plan for this weekend will be finish the kitchen except for the cupboards, THEN it will be the main living room’s turn.

I confess…

I am feeling very lonely for friendship lately. I have my husband who is my very best friend but I miss female friendship. I find myself jealous of others online, seeing their interactions. I find myself jealous of the younger co-workers talking about going out and their adventures the next day. I KNOW I should not be jealous but I AM. What is wrong with me? Seriously? Jealousy is not a good characteristic.


  1. I don't have a lot in the way of female friendship. I need to make some girl friends! I hope you are able to find some companionship.

  2. I think your feelings are very normal. We all need those girlfriend relationships in our lives. I find that I have a hard time going out with girlfriends because I just don't want to leave my house.. it's terrible that I want to be such a recluse. I have found some great relationships in blogging though so I hope you find the same.

    Enjoyed your confession! :)


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