Thursday, February 24, 2011

Large Group Speech

Larger Group Speech is a form of acting...acting in it's purest form. Here is a list of categories and description.

Musical Theater... this is where a group 3-6 students act/sing 3 songs from a musical. Only props: up to 6 chairs and a table. Lines must be memorized

Improv Group... 3-6 students acting. This group draws an idea and has 3 minutes to prepare a 5 minute act. Only props; up to 6 chairs and a table. Lines must be memorized

Ensemble Group... 3-6 students acting. Skit should be 15 minutes. Only props; up to 6 chairs and a table. Lines must be memorized.

One Act Play... up to 12 students acting. Skit should be 35 minutes. Stage props are allowed as well as costumes. Lines must be memorized

Choral Reading... up to 12 students. This group can read off of a script. They can have multiple people reading the same line at the same time. They use their bodies to portray movement, they can use very limited props.

Joshua has always loved performing and making people laugh. He has always wanted to be the center of attention...not in a bad way but entertaining way. I never heard of 'Large Group Speech' until Joshua's Sophomore year. He tried out and hoped to be placed in one of the Improv Groups He made the One Act Team. He was still just as excited. 2009 the skit was 'The Bible in 30 minutes or Less' It was a very cute skit. They received a '1' rating at Districts and went on to State. They received a '2' rating and that was the end of Large Group Speech for 2009.

(Here is a small part of the One Act Play that Joshua was part of 'The Bible In 30 Minutes Or Less' 
This portion is the story of Moses, Joshua, Jacob through Ruth. )

The following year, Joshua's Junior year he tried out again. Still hoping for Improv or one of the Ensembles as well. Joshua did make one of the Ensembles. The name of their skit was 'Mere Mortals' . It was a very funny one. At District's the received a '1' rating and went to State. There they did not quite make a score high enough to move on to 'All State' but they did receive 'Honorable Mention for All State'

One again this year Joshua tried out again hoping for Improv or Ensemble. He came home after the try outs and felt great. He was sure he nailed it, when the casting call came out he was very disappointed, he made Choral Reading. Typically the past two years, they are the worse group. They do not have a good reputation of moving on. After practice started he was excited. Someone new was coaching the Choral Reading and he said it was going to be a very good one this year, they were also going adapt 'The Odyssey'. His coach was very impressed with Joshua so he suggested him to be asked to be an extra in one of the Ensembles, 'Open Window'. His coach is active with the Community Theater as well and asked Joshua if he would be one of the extras with the upcoming production that will be performed at the Englert Theater at the end of February. Joshua is excited to be doing this. He is now acting outside of the high school level and he is thrilled. This years Large Group, the Choral Reading was excellent. The best I have ever seen. It was actually one of my top two favorites of the 2011 shows. They did an awesome job. They received a '1' rating at Districts and moved on to State. The Ensemble 'Open Window' was funny but I thought the British accent at times was too thick and hard to understand. This group received a '1' rating at Districts and moved on to State as well.

At State Choral Reading 'The Odyssey' advanced to All State Competition.  List below is the last part of the Choral Reading.

The group did not win the Director's Choice which means they would be 1st in the State, however they were proud for going this far.  The first Choral Reading group for Iowa City, City High.  Their group was the first to perform and here is what the judge had to say about their performance.

"I want anybody who is involved in Choral Reading in the state of Iowa to take this as a standard.  This is a wonderful model of the simplicity of the little careful careful touches that can bring the mind together to create a fabulous experience."

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