Monday, February 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I sit here at work and truly truly want to be at home helping my husband with our kitchen. All the wallpaper is completely off and he took the trim off yesterday. We then took the rest of the evening off for the football game. Today he is home painting the walls white and tomorrow will be the real color of the walls. His goal was to have the Kitchen finished by the time he is off vacation which is Thursday. I do not think it is going to happen. I think painting the kitchen cabinets is going to take longer then he anticipate. I was in hopes that I would be able to ask for time off tomorrow and the next day, his last two full days of his vacation but no luck, we are at staffing level reached.

Emily bought a new car. That will help the stress level some at home. I wish Kera would do the same thing. She needs one as well and truthfully sooner the better since she is nearly half way through her pregnancy. She is going to have an ultrasound on the 23rd and if the baby is in the right position she will know the sex. I am not sure if she will share it immediately or what. She wants to be creative with how she is going to share it. One idea she has is to have the technician put it in an sealed envelope. Take the envelope to a bakery and have them bake a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, however the frosting on the inside would be pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby. She then wanted to have a get together and how we find out including herself will be when the cake is sliced. We all will see the color of the icing then. Pretty cute idea I must say.

Speaking about the pregnancy, I feel so overwhelmed with this right now. Oh I am excited to be a Grandmother but she keeps putting things on hold for David and David is too wishy washy. She is not any more prepared now then when she first found out she is pregnant because she is waiting on David. This baby is not going to wait on David. I am so worried about her.

Joshua had a wonderful weekend between Large Group Speech and Swing Choir Competition. He found out today that his Large Group Speech group made it to All State Honors. I am so happy for him. I plan on going, so I can get some pictures as well as record his program. It is the best choral reading I have ever seen. I am not just saying that because he is my truly is awesome. Swing Choir did well as you may have read my prior post.

Matthew came and picked up his car after the blizzard. He seems to be getting skinnier. I worry about that kid. He is also doing much better in school. He told me he signed up for the honors apartments, so I hope he gets what he wants and can afford.

Ethan got a hair cut this weekend. I love it. He is so freakin' cute with it. I could not help but take pictures after pictures of him. It drove him insane but I can not help it. He is so adorable. He fell in school on Friday and hurt his wrist but it seemed much better on Sunday.

Noah fell as well on Friday, at the time I thought he did not need to see a doctor for it but I am now having second thoughts since he keeps babying it. He is home sick with some sort of little bug, which is driving Kera to stress and worry about getting it.

I made plans on a couple of video blogs I am going to attempt. One will be for my darling husband for Valentine's Day. I plan to be humorous with it but the boys think I am weird. I will have to post it for your opinions.

I am so exhausted. I think it is because I finally had TOM. Four months with no show, but the bloating, aching was there trust me, especially the bloating. I was starting to feel like I was 3-4 months pregnant. I am so glad TOM appeared, now I feel more normal but tired.

I can not wait for Spring. I am so anxious to start our gardens. I am anxious to see green grass again, smell the dirt, listen to the birds chirping and feeding from our feeder.

Noah was sick yesterday...I think I am catching it. This is horrible. I pray it will hold out until the weekend, but it is only Monday. I can not take any time off without being planned or I will get into trouble, not until August. That means, I will have to go to work throwing up. Sick I know but when you are at a place where there will be more cut backs, you have no choice.

Talking about work and missing time. I can not believe what I found out. The next time we have a possibility of a bad storm like last week where they do send us home early, they are going to make my department stay in a hotel next to us, not even a block away that way we can be at work the next day answering the phones. REALLY???? What is happening to the company I work for? Oh, how you do not think of your employees at all. All other departments will get to go home but us.

Oh My Goodness...I still have my Christmas decorations up in the main Living Room. What is wrong with me? Seriously! This must come down this weekend.

I came home to see my ceramic fork and spoon arrived. Yippee!!!! I am so excited for the Kitchen. I picked up my plates and platter that I will be decorating for the wall today. I also found the curtains I want to put up in there as well. It is simple material that I will be able to find something to match to make the curtain for the door. I think Todd is just as excited as I am about the Kitchen. I hope he feels the same way when we start the Living Room next, then the Bathroom.

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