Monday, February 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

I am so exhausted from painting all weekend. Ohhh my goodness…my butt is vibrating. LOL I have my cellphone in my back pocket. That totally woke me up.

Work is very busy right now. We expected it we have a large client going through a dependent audit and with the staff reducing it is keeping us very busy. I enjoy being busy but I have no energy from lack of sleep from the past 4 days of painting.

I can not wait to go home to see all the cupboard doors attached. When I left this morning there were only 7 doors. I like what I see so far. I am in hopes that Todd will have the all the trim painted where we can put it up maybe on Wednesday or Thursday because tonight will be out of the question.

This is my favorite holiday. I love Valentine's Day. It is the true reason for the holiday. Oh, I am not saying gifts, flowers, candy, jewelry. I am saying LOVE. I would not be upset if Todd gave me nothing, although now I am used to having flowers delivered to work. If he could not do it, that will be fine. This is a holiday about LOVE. Love between my sweetheart and I and LOVE for the boys as well. It is the one holiday that my father never drank or was abusive. It was the one holiday even when I was married to the boys' father never ruined. There were times in our marriage that he could not afford anything, but that was fine. Today, Todd sent me 14 red roses with a beautiful vase, a small box of candy, and some spa bath products. I love the thought, but what I want the most is snuggle time. Oh and a nice dinner. LOL This will always be the day I cheat on my healthy eating, not of the chocolates, because that will come home and I will share. It is the dinner. Someday I would love to have a romantic dinner for the two of us, but for now that is impossible with all the kids at home.

I wanted to make vlog but the weekend went way too fast in some ways. All I did was paint. I did take time out to watch Big Love, for some reason I really like that show and so does Todd.
Tomorrow is dancing, I hope our instructor is not so cranky tomorrow.

I am anxious for this weekend. I am going to Ames to watch Joshua perform in Large Group Speech. He said it is rumored that they have a good chance at Director's Choice Award. If so then they will be 1st in the State. I hope he does well and is not disappointed if they do not win. All I can say I usually do not care for Choral Reading but I love this one. The entire act captivated the audience and to change someone from not liking something to enjoying says a lot about the piece they chose as well as the director. This weekend I will also visit my mom and cut Kera's baby quilt blocks. Joshua will have his last Swing Choir competition as well. I am not going to see it.

Well this is going to be short because I have to run. Happy Valentine's Everyone!

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