Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reflecting...Indian Names

Every now and then I get into one of those moods that reflect back. I thought about a poem that I wrote to Todd…a clean limerick. I wrote one for him because he thought all limerick’s other then children writing them were umm...let’s just say the word “dirty”. As I was looking I came across an email that just made me laugh that I wanted to share it. That particular night over the phone we discussed Indian Names, how they are beautiful and most have some meaning behind it. (This was the beginning two months of our relationship when most of our communication was via Internet.) This is what triggered our emails back in February 2005.

Todd: Here are a few Indian names I have come up with. I will let you pick the best one.
Dances With Two Left Feet
Sitting Bullshitter
Blinks While Bluffing
Running Nose
Flying By Seat of Pants
Wild Hair After Nap

Other real Indian names that are appropriate for me.
Big Steam Dancer....especially after a few cups of coffee
Big Wet Bear...after a shower
Biting Python...maybe Spitting Python would be more fitting, huh?
Little Stream Dancer...when I am older and start having prostate problems
Old Grizzly Bear...when I don't get enough sleep
Ghost Rider...I probably seemed like one for awhile since you didn’t have a pic of me
Trekking Star...Space, the final frontier
Little Running Behind...This can be a problem at times when I eat something I shouldn’t
And my favorite....Wannamuffin...what I usually say at breakfast

I googled and found a site that will give you an authentic Indian name.
Mine was:Martin Migratory Toes

Some others:
Yours: Iris Capricious Mayflower
Matthew: Harry Refillable Cougar
Ethan: Raoul Demure Brain
Joshua: Edward Talking Pullover
Noah: Paul Wholesome Pickle
Kera: Doris Spandex Mule
Emily: Corrine Crepe Copperhead

What do you think?

Me: If I have to pick the best from the six provide for you? I would choose Wild Hair After Nap. Now you didn't tell me what you picked for me.

Todd: Wannamuffin is my favorite out of those.

Here is what I came up for you:
Soaring Eagle
Radiant Rainbow
Singing Dolphin
Lion Heart
Golden Eagle
Fire Starter (you definitely have started my fire.)
Love Bird
Bright Spirit
Singing Bird
Rising Star

I just had to laugh when I re-read this. After living with him now for going on 7 years I can comment how true or far fetched his names he came up with are:

Dances With Two Left Feet - Not any more. I have no idea if it was two left feet or not. We did not dance once until 2 months before our Wedding and that was the one and only time until he signed us up for Ballroom/Social Dancing. He definitely does not have two left feet.
Sitting Bullshitter – Ummm…YES!!! He loves to do this from time to time.
Blinks While Bluffing – I really do not know the answer for this one. I have never watched him play poker live. Most of the time it is on the Internet and I have never noticed.
Running Nose – Well all do from time to time, not very often actually.
Flying By Seat of Pants – My sweetheart is a procrastinator, the only way I see this can be true is the fact that he procrastinated so long that he may feel like he flies by the seat of his pants. I honestly do no think he does. He gathers information and is very informative before speaking or if he is unsure, he makes it clear.
Wild Hair After Nap – Oh so true. He has does have some wild hair when he wakes up. Major Bed Head he is.

I have to laugh, we do not have muffins very often but the name is a cute on.

He ended up calling me Smile-a-lot because he loves my smile.

What would your Indian name be?

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