Saturday, February 5, 2011


February 1, it started to snow. Actually it was more then snow, it was a blizzard.Now with winds of 60-80 miles per hour it does not matter how much snow you have, you are going to have drifts.

It is common (or not so common but heard of) that schools will close or delay, typically we grown ups do no have snow days. We have to manage our way to work in hopes of not getting stuck or sliding into other cars. I have worked 6 years at the place I am working now, during this 6 years the office has closed early on 3 occasions. The first was a precaution that amounted to nothing. The second was two years ago and well, they still waited too late because we had to dig one another out and push each other's vehicle to make it out of the parking lot. I have no idea how the last person managed to get out. We had 13 inches of snowfall that time. The third was on Tuesday, February 1. We had 3 inches of snow overnight and the blizzard was suppose to hit us with the highest accumulation starting between 3-7 pm but the winds were suppose to pick up big time during the night and through Wednesday. Our office chose to close at 3 pm. The ride home was much better then the ride to work. Joshua had to work 4-9 pm. Seriously? Who would go shopping during the middle of the blizzard? He was there only 2 hours and the grocery store decided to close due to the weather by 7 pm, so I drove out to get him. The roads were already getting drifts and our street was terrible. The grocery store's parking lot was worse. I got stuck a few times in the parking lot. I managed to make it back home but could not get the car all the way up the drive. Todd and Joshua cleared the drive but there was some ice under the car tires that prevented it. Todd asked me how the roads were and I told him, this made him decide to head into work early. He works at the dispatch center, it is a job that will NEVER close down. He ended up 3 hours early for his shift and they needed every living body. At one time during that night/early morning they had 48 calls on hold with 8 people working every station. 48 calls! We had the National Guard Reserves here in Iowa City to assist. Assist they did, by the time they were able to get to one motorist that was stranded, they were overcome with carbon monoxide poisoning. The winds blew a drift blocking the tail pipe. Lesson learned, while stranded in your car, you should check your exhaust pipe every 30 minutes to make sure it stays clear. Todd had to stay over because the 1st shift was unable to make it in. My work place chose to delay opening our office until Noon. Management called each of us to see if we could make it in the office. Ummm.... this picture is the middle of my street right outside my drive way. What do you think? Yes, the entire snow shovel blade was buried. Now remember we have drifts on top of this.

Enough of us said "No" that they ended up closing for the day. Todd could not make it on our street. Well, not further then 3 houses onto our street. The boys had to go and dig him out, he then had to drive and park it at the grocery store and walk home. Typically it is a 25 minute walk but this day it was a 45 minute walk because he was walking in 16 inches or higher snow.
The view after we opened our garage door.
After the snow was removed in our drive and a pathway cleared to the front door.My son's car was buried.

After my son's car was dug out.
Yep, another car is buried under the snow.
This one is Emily's.
This is a picture the day after.
After the sun cleared up some of the snow on our sidewalk.
Yes, that is 16 plus inches of a snow wall.
We live on a culdesac. The curve part.
The snow plows never can get near the curb always leaving us to have to dig the snow out in front of our mailbox or we do not get mail.

Our blizzard left us 16 inches of snow, the most snow in one snowfall in 25 years in the city where I live. So what does 16 inches of snow looks like after they clear the streets? Well take a look.

This picture I did not zoom at all. This is taken from inside my car while I was going to go pick up Joshua from school on Friday, February 4th. Now not all streets are as bad as this but there are enough that are. This is the view I had looking to my left. Yep, you can not see any on coming cars at all.
It looks like no cars are coming right?
Wrong! I only knew it was coming because of my window
being rolled down to take the picture.
The car was loud so I heard it.

And the view to my right, it is not any better.

I had to guess if a car was coming or not. Actually, to my right I was good but the left had cars and a school bus coming, so I had to wait to get out while the front end was blocking the lane of the on coming cars from my right. Needless to say they were angry with me, but what is someone to do if they can not see. Mental note, I will not use this side street again until snow has melted.

This is what parts of the grocery store looked like.

The high school lost 40-45 parking spots.

Guess what folks?! Another storm system is suppose to hit us this Sunday dumping another 3-6 inches then the Arctic temperatures are suppose to hit us for nearly a week. Which adds up to more blind spots for a longer time because nothing will melt with Arctic temperatures.

**UPDATE... Not much accumulation now for the new snow fall.***

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