Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowstorm On It's Way!

It's coming! So they say. We are expected to have the worse blizzard in 15 years. Hmmm...I wonder what that actually means? I look at the forecast. Last night was suppose to be up to 3 inches. Yes, they were correct on it. We are on the border of the heavier stuff and heavy so who knows how much we are suppose to end up with. The snow is suppose to start getting heavy beginning 3 pm through 7 pm. I am here at work until 5 pm.

Let me tell you, the drive in this morning was no picnic. I have driven with worse looking weather but I think there were spots of what they call 'black ice'. I went through an intersection, my light was green but the cross traffic car could not stop and she slid right into me. She was a high school student, I think it was her first snow fall maybe. She was crying. We looked at our cars, nothing. No damage at all, so I told her let's be on our way, no need to call the police. She was very happy to hear me say that. I told her to be careful and try to have a good day at school. I get back into my car and drive to the next intersection. BLACK ICE... I was slowing down, but the car started to slide. It is so funny how the car seems to move faster when it is sliding. The intersection was coming closer and my car was not slowing down. I started honking because I had to warn the cars, MY CAR WAS COMING! Two cars were crossing the intersection at the same time. I chose to turn my wheel to the right in hopes just to be hit in the rear end, however the car turned completely. I did a 180 and my car stopped right before the intersection. I think the maneuver saved another accident. I thank the good Lord there were no cars in the lane next to me. I put my car in reverse and then continued to work.

Now with experiencing this without the heavier stuff, I think this evening's adventure is not going to be fun. The winds are picking up. We are suppose to have a total of 14-18 inches in all or if the line moves we could have 18-20 inches. It does not matter how much snow we have if the winds are like they say. Roads can become drifted shut with just a few inches. Tomorrow morning will be very interesting. I wish we too could have a snow day. That would be great! I realize how silly that is too, we are grown ups and we do not have that luxury however, last year we did. The first in 10 years, so if this IS suppose to be the worse in 15 years, maybe that dream will come true and I can be safe at home in a warm house.

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