Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

*echoing fades away as if my bedroom is in some sort of arena bowl*

So what does that mean?
Well, typically it means Todd is away with his fantasy football buddies having a Super Bowl Party.
The winner of the league picks the main entree.

This year is Todd's year.

I am so proud of my hubby.
He won the entire thing this year.
His first. *insert smile ear to ear*

The group had a low number of people who would be attending the party.
As well as no one volunteering their Man Cave.
The party was canceled.

This year he will party here at home.
Some Kitchen Make-Over work is done.

We will have our little Shindig here at home.

Just us... melting pot of Titlers/Evans

We Todd is going to attempting to make a Fatty.
He found this on some smoking forum
When he starts to smoke meat it will be called Smoking A Fatty.
Hmm... not the bad smoking a fatty
or could it be?

Health (weight/diet) wise it will be bad.
Lung wise perfectly fine.
Oh My Gosh!
Fatty because of the calories!
Definitely will make someone a fatty if they eat this often.

We also had fried mushrooms, jalapeno and cream cheese poppers, and cheese sticks.
For dessert, fresh baked cookies.

Oh and we had to have a dip
Pickle Wrap Dip.
One of my favorites.

Go team with the yellow pants!
Go, Fight, Win!

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