Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

My tackle this week (no pictures because the kitchen is not completed yet) is painting the cupboards. This was a 3 1/2 day project beginning Thursday afternoon. I now know we have 23 cupboard doors, 10 drawers, a built-in microwave shelf, and 1 broken lazy susan (hopefully this will be repaired this fall when we replace the counter tops.). We had to prime everything first with a oil base primer then paint the color desired. I could only paint 7 doors at one time, it took 1 hour basically to paint one side then wait for 2 hours in order to flip the door over to paint the other side, wait again 2 hours then apply the paint, and finally 2 hours later flip and paint the final side. In all it took 12 hours for 7 doors. While I waited for drying time, I would prime the cabinets fixed to the walls and wait for it to dry, then paint. Trust me by Sunday evening I was more then excited when I stroked the brush for the last time. Unfortunately after they dried, hung, and the natural light hitting them I see areas that need to be touched up. ***sigh*** Fortunately that will not take as much time as painting all the doors.

Today my darling husband will take down all the cupboards because after they were all hung we both decided that the hinges would look nicer if they were white, soooo tonight we will pick up paint to paint them white. This should not take as long. We also will be picking up the crown molding (nothing fancy) as well as some trim that split when we took it off. It will then need painted and hopefully tomorrow or the next day it will be hung. As for painting, we still need to paint the back door and the new pantry doors as well. Our goal is to have it floor installed on Monday and then it will be completely done until the counter top is installed. Next week's tackle will be completion and photos included.

Here is a link to the Kitchen Plans for colors chosen. I am so excited, then it will be time to paint the main living room…Christmas decorations will be down for sure then. * head hanging in shame* I have not made time to take them down since we have been working on the kitchen all month.

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