Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoo

It is hard to think of many Woooo Hoooos today with all the snow but I had a Monday Moan this week so a Woo Hoo is a must. Besides Woooo Hoooo everyone is safe.

Woooo Hoooo Todd made it home. Unfortunately his car did not. He was able to turn on to our street and make it about 4 houses down before he was stuck. After 45 minutes of the boys helping him, he backed out and had to go park the car somewhere else and walk home. He had to park it at the Hy-Vee grocery store, which is about a 25 minute walk on a good day. Woooo Hoooo he is on vacation. Last night/this morning was very busy for him at work 9-1-1 dispatching.

Woooo Hoooo work was canceled today, so I did not have to use 1/2 day vacation because it was 1:45 before the city plows came and plowed our street. Now we have to dig Matthew's car out so I can hopefully manage to make it to Hy-Vee in my car, so Todd can get his.

Woooo Hoooo Ethan is making the best of his snow day. Yes, he and Joshua have worked hard with removing snow, but he is also in the back making a snow fort. I wish Joshua would get out there with him so he has someone to do something with.

Woooo Hoooo I managed to make it home without any problems like I did on my way into work yesterday.

That is all there is at this time. I hope you have a Wednesday Woo Hoo too.

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