Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday Woo Hoos

This weeks Woo Hoo was posted late...I have not been to bed yet from Wednesday night so I will count this as Wednesday although it is technically Thursday.  I have some important Woo Hoos that I need to get in.  I was not able to post it earlier because my husband just left to go to work and I was napping with him.

Woo Hoo Kera had an ultrasound today.  My first grandchild will be a boy.  She is nearly half there now.

I heard from my mom today.  She gave me wonderful news that I thought I would never hear, well at least not this soon.  The biggest and loudest WOO HOO... Miranda walked tonight.  Yes, you read that right.  WOO HOO she walked.  She had her leg braces on and she walked in a baby walker, several steps too.  My sister plans on getting a child walker and my mom and sister will take her to the mall after Miranda's sisters are in school and walk the mall.  This way she will not have any carpet hindering her.  My heart is leaping with JOY with this news, especially one day after finding out that she was diagnosed with Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy.   WOO HOO!!!!

Woo Hoo the weekend is nearly hear.  We plan on working on the kitchen some on Saturday and then head off to our one night get away.  We have a suite reserved with a jacuzzi and I can not wait for the jacuzzi and the luxury of a suite.  Woo Hoo for his mother being so gracious to use her comp she has build up to get this room free for us.  We then will go to the community musical play to watch Joshua perform. He has a minor roll in it but it is his first community play.

What are your Woo Hoos this week?

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