Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This week's Wordless Wednesday will be to honor my niece.  We finally have been told her diagnosis.  It only took them 2 years and 3 months but the outcome is:  Born with Spina Bifda.  She has epilepsy and cerebral palsy.  She will have a rough road to live but she is totally beautiful to me.  Love you so Miranda!

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  1. Your neice is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love her polka dot dress. So adorbz!!

  2. Aww, she is too sweet! I love the last picture - she looks so pensive! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. she is beautiful! love the pictures!

  4. Your niece is such a cutie pie!! I'm sad to hear about her diagnosis, but I'm sure she has a strong, loving support group:)

    Thank yo for stopping by my blog:) Keep in touch!



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