Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun Memory

Yesterday while I was working a couple of my co-workers and I were talking while waiting for calls to roll in.  I do not recall how the topic was brought up but I shared a rather funny memory I had regarding my grandparents that I just wanted to jot down for my children to be able to reference.  Part of the reason I blog, memories and tips for them as well as a tool for me to express myself and to belong to several different communities.

As I started to type it just hit me, how the topic came up...I am going to be a grandma for the first time this July and I said that I would not have problems watching my grandchild from time to time.  This lead to me telling these 3 little memories.

My Grandma Rich would watch us every now and then before school age when our sitter was unable to.  She had also watched us (my sister Lisa and I) before school and after from my 1st grade year to 3rd grade year before Christmas.  (We moved then.)  All of these memories would have been from this time period and due to her watching us.

Before school age one time my father dropped us off early in the morning and my grandma was not up yet.  She rushed into the kitchen.  How I know she was not ready for us was because she scared the dickens out of my sister Lisa and me.  We did not know what to think.  That was the day we found out our grandma had no hair.  She always wore her hair the same way with this little black scarf/hat on it.  That morning she was in such a rush she put her hair on sideways.  Yes, I mean completely sideways.  Her bangs were located above her right ear.  She must have realized when she saw the pure terror in our eyes because she quickly spun it around in the correct direction making my father laugh so hard.  This did not make her very happy with him.  The next day Lisa and I were determined to see if she had any hair at all, so we tried to sneak in when she was napping to check it out.  Every time we came to close to the bed she would open her eyes and give us her big grin and ask us to sing to her and we did.  We would sit on the floor next to her and sing our Sunday School songs to her.  Years later I found out she lost her hair, including her eyelashes and eyebrows to a kidney infection she had.

One morning my grandfather was there as well.  He was a truck driver and must have been home that day because I do not recall exactly why.  Lisa and I loved spending time in my grandparents bathroom.  She would decorate it with flowers and had a lot of magazines in there.  We would sit on the floor and look at the magazines.  We would also smell the perfume and cologne she had on the vanity as well.  One morning Lisa reached up and scooted towards the end this clear plastic container and we both screamed.  (We are talking before school age once again.)  We found teeth floating in the container.  My grandma rushed in and started laughing.  She just explained to us that the teeth in the container were grandpa's baby teeth.  A couple of years later when Lisa was in Kindergarten and after the dental hygienist visited our school, Lisa gave a gift to our grandpa.  He opened his package and found a child's toothbrush that she was given at school.  She smiled and told him it was to brush his baby teeth with.

One year for my grandpa's birthday my sister Lisa handed a gift to him.  My parents had no clue what it was or where she found this gift.  We all stood around him waiting for him to open the mystery gift.  Once he opened it my father busted up laughing.  It was a bottle of Old Spice, nearly empty.  My father had been looking for his for a couple of weeks.  She snatched it from his dresser to give to my grandpa. 

I want to create fun memories with my grandchildren. Not necessarily ones with missing teeth or hair but memories they can reflect back on and laugh about as I did yesterday.  I had my co-workers near tears with the wig story.  It was pretty funny.  I have so many more but just wanted to share these at this time.

What kind of fun memories do you have of your grandparents?



  1. Another thing we have in common - I also have a sister named Lisa. She's 3 1/2 years older.

    What fun memories! The one about your grandmother's hair totally cracked me up.

  2. My Gram was my best friend growing up! I still can see her in her recliner with Corky (the dog)laying on her legs while she crocheted. One of the funniest stories I have of her was when we were shopping in not such a great part of town. She swore at this man to hurry up and cross the street, what she did not realize was that her window was open. She told Mom to press on the gas because she was scared. We all laughed until we had tears running down our faces because Gram never swore (It was damn ass). Another funny Gram story was when Grandpa had lost his ability to talk (throat cancer) and he wanted something from Gram. He was being annoying with his buzzer and Gram turned to him and said, Howard, stop that or I am gonna shove it where the sun does not shine. She had never talked back to him before, it was so funny!

  3. Thanks! I enjoyed sharing the one about my grandmother's hair the most.


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