Monday, March 14, 2011

Joshua's Shining Moment.

I believe Joshua was actually born to be on stage.  He is always so comfortable to be the spot light, the center of attention.  He would show off at such an early age, wanting people to watch, to laugh, to enjoy whatever was in his mind to perform at that moment.  When he was in Cub Scouts he thrived being in front of the entire pack on Pack Night.  He would do as much as he could and wanted to "out do" his brother and earn all the arrows he could.  Now other kids and parent thought that we just pushed him to do so because we were heavily involved with Cub Scouts at that time.  Truth be known, that was not the case at all.  I would send letters home with each of the boys, knowing the book, I would realize some of the activities they were doing in school would count, just not every parent would speak up that their son did this or that.

He loved the Christmas Programs with Sunday School and tried his hardest to get a part or be in the spot light.

In 5th grade he was in honor choir and would perform.  In Junior High he studied drama and performed there.  It did not surprise me that he wanted to participate in choirs and drama in high school but what did surprise me was that he gave up sports to dedicate more time to practice.  He is the type of kid that excels in whatever he sets his mind too.  He was super in soccer.  One of the star players when he played.  He did not try track until his Sophomore year and won three medals, the coach was amazed that he never ran track before.  It was his Sophomore year that he also started Cross Country and lettered and earned "The Best New Person" award, however he and the coach struggled his Junior year because he was not as understanding as he said he would with choir.  Due to his frustration he gave up all sports to concentrate on as he said "The Best Senior Year Ever with performing."

This year's Swing Choir was the best in 7 years.  First competition they came in 4th.  The next competition they came in 2nd with the best choreography award and outstanding male solo award.  The next competition they were Grand Champions, best band combo, best choreography, and outstanding male solo award.  Their last competition they took 3rd and won best band combo and best choreography, and outstanding male solo award.  One of the teachers was involved with another event and a news cast member came up to her and asked if she was one of the individuals in charge of City High's Swing Choir.  He had seen several competitions and has been a judge for several years, he told her that their first number "The Dash" with the young man sing was the best he has ever seen.  Below is a recording I made off of my camera of "The Dash"  I have to agree it is the best I have ever seen, not because my son Joshua is in it but because it is.  Please forgive the quality, it is from a camera.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Joshua also had his first solo.  It was Senior Appreciation as well.  He picked a great song for his voice.  He looked great up there but he was sick also.  They had a performance the night before and his was running a high fever that day, but insisted on going.  He did not come home until Midnight.  He woke up and was on fire but did not want to miss their last performances and Senior Recognition.  Two more shows that day.  He barely had a voice and was coughing so much.  His throat felt raw.  He was not perfect but I am very proud of himNOT everyone knew he was sick but he held his own, he kept going even when his voice cracked due to his throat, even when a big phelm came up and he choked on it.  I hope you enjoy his solo performance as well.  He may not be perfect, but he looked natural.  I am so proud of him to have the guts to be up there when he was sick.  To carry on as if nothing happened when his voice cracked and he had a couple of coughing attacks.

I have to admit, I was a little sentimental during his solo.  I thought to myself... this is his Senior Year. He has grown up.  I went to the first show after the first show I took him home made hot tea with lemon, he soaked in the tub until we had to go for the next performance.  He said, his voice only cracked one time during the second showing.  He ended up missing school the next day because of his fever.  He showed me that he can make a commitment and stick to it no matter how he felt.  He is a true showman.


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