Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday

So many things, so many little stories… to start with will be my crazy road rage driver last Friday. Seriously, I lowered myself to some degree because of this ignorant person. Work has become even more stressful right now after last Tuesday; they downsized more and closed the entire Call Center in St Louis. I will miss them because I do work with them day to day and we all know it is not over with, more will come in our office as well. We all are being very cautious to not break any rules that will make corporate notice us any. Friday was my supervisor’s birthday and last minute I was called and asked to pick up a balloon for her. I also wanted my ice coffee from McDonald’s; I definite was in need some serious caffeine. I was heading towards McDonald’s and noticed there was a train. GREAT, what I did not want to be late. I noticed some people were getting out of the right lane and going to the left lane and were going around the gate, the train was barely on the track of the road and was reversing. Something I would not do but some idiot impatient drivers thought they should do it. I noticed on of the cars did not make it through before the gate went up. She was originally 4 cars ahead of mine. When it came to the lights, shortly after the tracks, there was one car in front of me and we were both turning right. This lady who was impatient was signaling to get into the right lane. She kept budging and budging to cut me off, but there was not any room to cut me off, so she honked at me to tell me to let her in. Again, there was no room. I just looked at her and said, “You will have to wait.” then I turned my head and avoided her. She sped off. As I get to the next set of lights to cross there is CRAZY WOMAN waiting at the red light fingering me. She sped around the block that fast! Here is where I stooped to her level, I mean come on! She was in the correct lane to start with but because she was impatient she scooted on over to the other lane and wanted to do something driving illegally and very unsafe, it did not pan out for her so she wanted me to put myself in reverse to let her cut in front of me when she did not have the right way…so I did what was very natural…I smiled at her and flipped her right off as a return favor, but with a smile. She then ran the red light and followed me into the parking lot. I mean she raced in and looked like she was going to T-Bone me. She was swearing and I have no clue, I was very angry by this time I stopped my car, picked up my cell phone. She slammed her brakes on only inches from hitting me. I looked at her and said “Hit me B…., go ahead!” as I picked up my phone and acted as if I was going to dial it. She then put her car in reverse and took off. I thought that was the end of her, BUT NO…CRAZY WOMAN was waiting around the next street, I went out of my normal driving path, I drove to the police station and then she sped off. SERIOUSLY CRAZY WOMAN! IF YOU WERE IN SUCH A FREAKIN’ HURRY, WHY FOLLOW ME AND HARASS ME? SERIOUSLY! YOU ARE A CRAZY WOMAN, you bring women drivers a bad name.

Kitchen is nearly done. Woot Woot.

I have been trying to talk to my Mother for days now. Every time I call she attempts to talk to me but she is unable to because she is always watching Miranda. I feel bad in some ways because she told me she feels like she keeps putting me off and she does not want me to feel this way. Actually, I do not feel that way. I do feel like my sister takes advantage of her often. I know she needs time away as well and caring for Miranda is a big task and it may be this way the rest of Miranda’s life, however Mom has not recovered completely from her accident and it is a little too much sometimes for her. She does not have the strength as she used to have prior to the accident as well as the memory. She is always afraid of what will happen if Miranda goes into one of her seizures and she forgets what she needs to do.

Joshua is off to Spain. What a great trip this will be for him! I hope he follows the guidelines, he tends to push or you could say test the limits.

Matthew for some reason did not come home for Spring Break as he first mentioned. I am a little worried about him. I know he will come out fine but he needs to get his priorities in order. I am still very proud of him, just worried.

David found a job! Woot Woot! The baby will have insurance now, and they will be able to save more money to get a place as soon as one is opened. Now Kera needs to find one that is more dependable with hours as well as benefits for her, something off her feet will be good for the end of her pregnancy.

We started our seedlings. I hope we have a bountiful year and not a disappointment like last year. I think we are going to have two gardens this year. One in our yard, that is actually multiple gardens, the actual in the ground garden, our container gardens, and hanging gardens. Todd is talking about participating in one of the community gardens as well. I think this is a good idea since we had so many problems last year with our garden. Maybe soil in a different part of the city will be good and we can have a very bountiful garden. I hope so; it was so disappointing when you put so much work into the garden and it to be not productive. I want to be able to can and freeze several vegetables this year. Oh and this year, we are going to make some baby food too for our grand child. The frozen beans I will make into baby food in December. It will be good for up to 4 months. We want to make gift baskets from our garden to all kids living away from home and I am going to try an herbal garden as well this will be my first time.


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