Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

We did not work at all in the Kitchen this weekend. Todd worked overtime both days and I could not make myself hammer nails while he was sleeping. I just could not do that. So this weekend it will be done. There is very little needed to be done to be completed, well completed for now. All we need to do is set all of the nails and then put a little wood putty on it. Then touch up the paint. We also need to add the trim around the door frame as well as a small section of the floor trim under the counters. I also need to sew one curtain still. Then we are done! I love the floor.

I did a lot around the house, although none was the kitchen make-over. My Christmas decorations in the main living room are nearly down. I just needed help from someone with one of the large totes. I am in hopes that someone will be around tonight to complete the task. I am so worn out though. I am lacking energy big time. I am sure in a week that will change. I wish I could trust our Iowa weather and take the plastic off our windows. It would have been wonderful to air out the house this weekend. I’m going to start some spring cleaning this week. I am going to start with the living room since I am getting rid of the Christmas decorations. I do not plan to put out the normal decorations until after we paint the walls.

I heard from Joshua twice this weekend. He is having a great time in Spain and I am very happy he is. He will come home sometime Thursday, actually Friday early morning. I think I am going to have to go to bed early Thursday.

We picked up the yard lumber to create my box for my butterfly/humming bird garden. It will be 4x8 feet, not a very big one but a good start. This year I will be just laying seeds in it, and hopefully next year or the year after I will start to purchase plants that are perennials. I do want to get a couple of butterfly bushes to put on the sides of it as well. I found this butterfly house also that I want to get sometime next year.

I have several tulips coming up around our tree in the front yard. These are the “free tulips” from the Garfield Conservatory when we went there last May. I loved that Chicago trip. We are planning on going to St Louis in May, the weekend before Joshua graduates. We have made friends on an internet site that is based on Black Friday deals. We keep in touch with several all year long. I have met all that I really want to meet but one. She lives in Wisconsin, any way, she wanted to go to St Louis and for us to meet up with her, and we worked and worked for a date and came up with this May. I am excited to get a chance to meet her and her little girls. She is much younger then Todd and I so I hope we can keep up.

I am a little frustrated with extended family again. I think I have come to the conclusion; I am done with them except for a few cousins. This is very sad because we have always been very close but since the death of my grandfather things have been so ugly. I can not believe how nasty they are all out of greed. My mother has been shunned by them because she followed what my grandfather said to do. She gave them more then what the will stated but they were not happy. She has lost two brothers since then. The first she used to be very close to and she was not allowed to go to his funeral because of his anger of wanting more and belongings free. The other she was not even listed in the obituary as a sibling. My mother has done a lot for her siblings; she was like a mother to some. Her older sister (she is the second oldest) had a stroke about the time my grandfather died. She would go up every weekend and visit her and do things for her until her accident. After she healed enough and was able to drive again (9 months later), she still would go and visit her but it was more like every other weekend until Katie needed our mom more to assist with Miranda. Now she goes only when my aunt calls her to ask her to take her shopping. I found out through FB this weekend that my aunt is in the ICU. No one even bothered calling my mother and let her know about her sister. How can family do this? Especially when she has done so much, I do not think I have ever met a more greedy family then my Mother’s side.
I can not believe that in 2 months Joshua is going to graduate. I have so much to do to prepare for this. I need to finish his slide show and start on some of his board displays. I also need to start working on Kera’s baby shower as well since they are only 1 week. Eeeck…I feeling a little pressured now.

Oh, by the way. I am thrilled I now have 9 followers. Woo Hoo and it is not even Wednesday!


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