Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday/Monday Moans

This posting is going to be a combination of Moans and Miscellany.

Mooooaann...I am frustrated to the max right now with Kera and David.  In 15 weeks she is due and neither NEITHER of them are really thinking about this baby's needs.  I am so scared of how this mostly will turn out.  I just do not know if I have the energy for this.  They need to get their act together and fast. knee is acting up big time.  It hurts to bend to sit down.  I think some of it has to due with the weather the other part by moving boxes around this past weekend.  I tried to do too much on my own.

I have done well with my workouts this weekend, maybe this had some impact as well on the knee.  I have to continue but I might make some adjustments.  I have used my to keep track of my nutrition.  I am trying my best to find a lower sodium version of what the family loves to eat.  I find this is harder to then watching carbs for diabetes.  Sodium is in so many food items that you just do not think has sodium in it.

Joshua is back from Spain and I have enjoyed time with him.  I also have enjoyed one on one time with Ethan while he was away.  Noah is busy with his friends, where Ethan is grounded due to letting his grades suffer.  I feel that I have had less one on one time with my younger two.

Tilly our oldest cat is worrying me some lately.  She is 17 years and is dropping weight big time.  She is nothing but bones now.  She is also starting to poo where she should not.  I think she is showing senility as well.  She is starting to crawl under the bed a lot now as well.  sometimes she moves slowly other times she acts as if she is a kitten.  I love this cat with all of my heart. She and I communicate with one another.  Seriously we talk to one another sometimes.  She keeps me company when Todd is working.  She was my first friend here in Iowa City other then Todd.

I think I am going to do the ABC of me like Mamarazi did.  I think it is a good way for some of you to get to know me.

I am glad that Monday and Tuesday Todd has off.  I sleep much better when he is in bed with me and I desperately want to snuggle with him.  I was able to have a little snuggle time with him tonight.  I tried to leave him alone today since he has had two days in a row with 12 hour shifts and I know he is stressed to the max regarding Kera as well.

Yesterday was my father's birthday.  I was surprised to find out that he has a cell phone now.  My mom signed him up for a senior citizen home they are building on the southside of Des Moines.  I hope he gets it since he will be closer to my sisters and my mom's house.  Mainly because he will be closer to Katie's house.  My youngest sister. She takes him to all of his doctor appointments.  I am very proud of him.  It has been 18 months of sobriety now.

Mooooaann...I hate the fact I have to go to work in a very stressful place right now.  I have been under so much stress that I left myself logged into the phone over night in "work".  This hurt my stats and I have to meet my standards or I will be on a warning, then when the next cut backs come around I will be one that is let go.  I have been working hard to recover but by doing this I hold my pee way too long.  Mooooaan...I really wish I could get another position before the cut backs come around.

I have many flower buds starting to come up.  Joshua and I planted several of them last fall.  I can not wait to see them. I think our large tree in the front is going to be pretty with all the tulips that are budding around it.  These are from when Todd and I went to Chicago last year.

I would love to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico still for a delayed honeymoon for Todd and I.  I also want to go to Las Vegas.  I want to see all the lights and glitz there.  I also would love to go to Door County in Wisconsin.  I have heard it is beautiful and they have many light houses.  I have a passion for light houses as well as windmills.  Some day I would love to go to Disney with the boys.  I have this horrible feeling I am not going to be able to do this wish because they are growing so much.

I wish I knew how to respond to people who post a comment via email.  I have not figured this one out yet but will keep trying.

Dance lessons are over. Big Love is over (I cried with the last episode, well not the first time I watched it.  I did not want to cry in front of Todd over a tv series, but the other several times I did.)  Spartacus is over.  Top Chef will be over this week. seems like everything Todd and I do is over now.  Okay, actually gardening is just beginning.  This year we are going to garden a community plot as well.  This is going to take a lot of work from us.  I hope it is a rewarding one.  Now do not get me wrong I have other shows I enjoy, just not with Todd. 

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